Though the menu was small, but I was quite surprised that the food was quite good.
Curry-age: Cripsy, hot, mixed with curry spice 8/10
Sang Mein: the noodle was soft and the soup/gravy was not over powering.. though it does taste abit like prawn mee.. 8/10
Kurobuta: 400g of pork! Serving was huge and thick! The wait was slightly long but we ain’t complaining! 8/10

Overall: 9/10 I would come back and chill for drinks and dinner though it’s on the pricier side.


The food was so disappointing. We ordered pork chop (hard and small, different from the menu), crab pasta, Tom yum pasta, prawn paste chicken (small), cheese sticks, Thai Pandan chicken ( small and slightly undercooked and doesn’t even taste slightly like Thai Pandan chicken). Even though I had the 1-1 burrple deal, I was unable to use it as they mentioned that as they were full and we can’t use it. Shortly after we finished our sides, the waiter came to us with the bill without us asking for it. He told us that as someone else wants the table, and we would need to vacate the table becoz we were not ordering anymore. So I asked if I were to order something I can stay? He said yes… I mean… we ordered much more food than other tables that just ordered drinks and he just chase us out. I wouldn’t come back again even I can use the 1-1 deal.
Overall, i would rate 1/10 for this place and food.

The place was quite easy to locate, next to the escalator. The place is pretty small but there is an area where you can dine outside.

🧀🥗Burratina Salad - $16.90 - in the description it was stated mixed salad but it came all kale… of which we don’t eat… there were dollops of purée which was sad and pathetic… perhaps it’s just for deco? ⭐️5/10

🧀Mozzarella sticks- $7 - nothing much to talk about.. normal fried food ⭐️ 5/10

🍗Sous Vide Crispy Thigh - $7 - the meat was not marinated. Skip this as you can totally cook it yourself without the need to souv vide. ⭐️ 0/10

🍝Cacio E Pepe - $18.90 - I felt that the pepper was too overpowering ⭐️ 3/10

🍝Mentaiko - $23.90 - my friend felt that it was too salty but I thought was not bad. ⭐️ 7/10

Overall, it’s just another hit & miss restaurant.


We went for dinner and sat outside as the indoor seems very small. The outdoor area was rather dark and hot though there were fans.

🦞🫕Lobster bisque - I would except the color to be more orangey but it turned out abit pale and not tasty and it was served lukewarm ⭐️1/10

🦑Calamari Rings ($12) - took me by surprised.. thr rings were huge and Crispy ⭐️8/10

🐏Baba lamb ribs ($27) - nice but slightly salty for me ⭐️7/10

🦆Roast duck pizza ($24) - best dish for me 😋 ⭐️9/10

Mid autumn delight ($22) - for people who likes sweet drinks. I kena like it! ⭐️6/10

Overall I enjoyed myself and will come back again :)

We ordered smoked duck pizza and cheesy beef burger.

Smoked Duck Pizza: definitely worth the try, it was flavorful and the crust was crispy. I would rate: 7/10

Cheesy Beef Burger: the buns were soft which was great but I felt that the beef patty itself is not well marinated and the fries were cold though crispy. I would rate it 5.5/10

The owner were very nice and friendly and apologetic to each table as everyone was getting impatient with their orders. I had to wait for 1 hour for my takeaway orders. The vibe there is quite nice and chill… quiet & a nice hidden place.. would go back there again if I have time to kill..

Ordered takeaway today, both dishes at $28 …
The beef cheeks was not bad but the ribs was v tough and the salads for the both dishes were v raw… I wouldn’t patronize this place again even for 1-1

Crispy fried three-cheese ravioli, served with arrabbiata sauce which was something different and interesting! I kinda like it…

Pork & beef slow cooked with red wine, topped with pangrattato & Parmesan.

Oozy risotto cooked with white wine & chilli, pan-fried prawns & courgette, topped with mint & fried courgette flowers

Main dishes were just mediocre for me… wouldn’t gone there if there were no 1-1

Breakfast works v.2.
Definitely worth the 1-1 deals.. the food was also great and the bacon is also very nice though I felt that the scrambled eggs were abit bland when eating it alone. The cherry tomatoes were plum & juicy. Overall the dish was great!

This place is so horrible that it deserves another post!!
Golden Phoenix - quail with Chinese glutinous rice.... the quail was so hard that my hubs had to keep chewing and cutting them into pieces... oh check out the gluttonous rice.. it’s so small that even a 3 year old kid will still feel hungry after eating that portion, not to mention an adult!
It’s not even worth the 1-1, now I know why this place is not crowded given that it is at Robertson quay.. if you want quiet and horrible food, you can consider here. Dun even need to call for reservation.


we ordered the pork fries which I’m not sure which part looks like fries? More like popcorn pork- this was the only legit item.
Bottom was trio pasta- green pesto, chili crab and squid ink.. it was so dry and cold and horrible and serving was small I basically finished in 5 mins,2 mouth fulls per portion, I mean... I DEFINITELY COOKED BETTER PASTA THEN THEM. Any coffeeshop Zi char stall is way better than this place.

Meze tabagi served with balloon bread
Kasarli Kofte - mixed of lamb & beef patties top with cheese which anything with cheese toppings for me is just great, the meat is tender with generous gravy
Adana Kuzu kebab skewered mince lamb with choice of rice or bread. The lamb was nice but not as tender as the patty..

The service n ambience was great and I would definitely come back again to try other stuff, best to come in big groups so can try more ;)

We were allocated a seat outdoor which I felt that it was very warm though it was after 8pm..

It came with crispy bacon which was quite surprising as we thought that it would come with rock melon, but surprisingly the Burrata w bacon was awesome! I love it!

Frutti Di Mare🦑🦐 -$28
Seafood pizza which was good but it would be better if there were to make the crust more crispy as it was soggy due to all the seafood on top.

Veal Cheek🐄- $28
Veal was soft and there was no smell, this dish is great. ;)

Overall the experience was a great one and would definitely come back. I would rate it 8/10