LOVED THE SEARED TUNA OMG. Great strength of the aircon too! Would definitely return. Rmb to hold the lid of your box when you shake the bibimbap, it can get everywhere! The staff was so nice to clean it up with a smile on her face after I made a slight mess. Paired with the mildy spicy sauce, such good bibimbap. Love it!


Ordered the crab rolls ($18 each) with burpple 1 for 1. Was disappointed the lobster rolls were no longer offered on burpple. Only had the option of crab or crab + lobster seafood roll ($23). Tried the chilli crab and mantaiko crab (+$2). First of all, don't recommend trying the mantaiko I could barely taste the mantaiko and for $2 extra?? Not worth. The chilli crab was not spicy at all (and I'm weak when it comes to spice). Both were just heavily seasoned in a way that was trying to cover up the lack of freshness of the crab. Tasted like I was eating crab sticks even at some point. The bread too was like a normal hot dog bread roll I could buy from NTUC, nothing fantastic. Was also kinda comparing the bread to Hafudog, and it came no where close. Also poor crab to bread ratio! Even for $9/roll after 1 for 1 I thought it was not worth... Also super hot outside no aircon and situated at Chinatown where I think we just sat a table of the neighbouring Chinese restaurant. Not a great vibe. Disappointed, I was really looking forward to this after all the reviews!

Ordered an eggplant stew and a chicken pistachio kebab (~$24 each). As with most places we always find it's pricey if not for burpple beyond. That said, it was PACKED during lunch on a Thursday, and I doubt many were using burpple. Food was not too bad too! Quite liked the kebabs. Eggplant stew was a little spicy and kind of an acquired taste but enjoyable nonetheless!

Tried soyo and mexican hotdog and they came out hot and fresh. Bread tasted great and sweet potato fries came out hot and crispy. Definitely recommended. However burrple 1 for 1 does not cover meals (only ala carte).

Also stronger aircon required.

Ordered the spainch paneer kofta curry (it was in a butter chicken type sause) and standard palek paneer, with a stuffed kulcha. Mains were $11.50 each so very worth for burrple 1 for 1. Absolutely love the paneer spinach kofta curry it's been my fav for the longest time now, but it is very spicy. Not so much for the ambience though think Indian coffee shop with air con.

Ordered the spinach lasagne and spinach and ricotta ravioli. Absolutely love the ravioli in cream sause (also available in spicy tomato sause). Just finger licking good. Worth it with burpple 1 for 1, I think each dish was $17.

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Ordered linguine pesto prawns ($19) and fish tacos ($19). Absolutely loved the linguine. So impressed at the creamy pesto sause paired with quality pasta and fresh big prawns. Would definetely return for the linguine. Tacos were not too bad too. Worth it with burpple 1 for 1.

Went around 12.20pm on a weekday, place was packed with a v long q. Q disappeared around 1pm. Ordered the mushroom melt ($16) and Cuban sandwich ($16). LOVED the cuban sandwich which was pulled pork, ham and pickles (even though I'm not a fan of pork). The mushroom melt was way too oily and definetely nowhere as nice as the cuban. While the sandwiches are huge, I find it a bit pricey if not for the burpple beyond 1 for 1. No wonder almost everyone in the q was using burpple beyond.

Ordered the smores waffle ($15) and soft serve waffle with hojicha soft serve ($14) and they were both good! Big portions though, recommend to split among 2 or 4 pax per waffle. I loved the Tokyo banana icecream! Twenty grammes is halal friendly too (No cert but no pork no lard). Worth it with burpple beyond.