I love the interior of this place, and having been here many times, i’ve tried most things on the menu. so far the carbonara & candied bacon waffles are most memorable

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location is not the most convenient unless you live nearby but definitely worth the trip down for an awesome brunch experience

hands down the best pastries, kouign aman is legendary here.

The seafood linguine was mind blowing, super flavourful from first mouth to the last. Lamb was tender, really well done. Already planning my next visit

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this place needs no introduction. if you’re looking for a place for a celebration, get together with loved ones, this is the place to be. amazing service crew, top ambience, food was simply delicious needless to say. second consecutive year i chose to celebrate my birthday here😍

i loved the interior of this place, looks great! basic cafe food, on top of what’s pictured, i also tried candied bacon waffles - that was the winner for me. whole family loved it, amazing combi of sweet and salty

Can’t stop thinking about it since i had it last week. Slightly biased since i’m a huge fan of salted egg anything, but it was an excellent dish, really generous creamy portions of gravy combined with chewy pork chop pieces, though i wished it could be served slightly warmer 🔥

also in picture - sweet & sour fish

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good ol’ BTK chicken rice, loved the sides too to be honest, priced reasonably for a hearty meal with your folks! Staff were really friendly and welcomed customers, made some small talk while ordering, will definitely be back!

pictured - soup of the day, spinach with mixed eggs, fried tofu, 1/2 chicken thigh (requested)

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if you’re craving DTF pork chop fried rice but on a budget, this is the place to go. 90% similar yet SO much cheaper, perfect for no-frills, quick dinner fix (head there for a late lunch or early dinner to make your experience much better since you wouldn’t have to queue)

*couldn’t tell the difference between egg & xo fried rice, so order something else if you’re looking for variety

*generous portions of pork chop!!!! each plate is ~$6-7

Quite pricy place for Chirashi Don but it’s pretty fresh and good variety to choose from. Queue was REALLY long so i’d recommend to make a reservation in advance if you don’t have the time to queue

Tried the Aburi Scallops salmon don, really good and worth it with 1-1! Would revisit to try other dishes next time :)

great coffee and really pretty interior! will revisit for their amazing almond croissants