Delicious spread, highly recommended.

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XO flavor gamestrong. Overall, pretty satisfying but lacks the push for me to come back again quickly.

Delicious and simple! Also get the spam fries and Parma ham pizza. Pretty space for dinner and desserts. Skip the crowd at next door Columbus.

Simple fare in a beautiful space. Great for catch ups.

Healthy portion of crabmeat and the flavor is good. Would be even better if they have some chili flakes for me to add on! Thanks Burpple beyond for uncovering this place for us!

Delicious! Surpassed expectations. Spacious cafe that’s great for families.

Quality fresh ingredients. Might look small but surprisingly filling. Get the one with the mentaiko tamago because the amount of sashimi is the same as the regular choice!


Still possibly the best prata place for me in Singapore, prata is so light and fluffy with the right amount of crust. Incredible.

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My favorite dish! Tender beef with a great flavors. What a hidden gem in this neighborhood. Get it!


Delicious! Good portions. Good for families. (7/10)

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Delicious and delightful. Loved the broth. Went very well with the truffle. (8/10)

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