Always a long queue at Icon Village with a very friendly server. Two men bagel house serves one of the better bagels I have tasted. Thick bread bursting with chicken - I had to separate the bagel into 2 portions to fit into my mouth. Incredibly filling!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, as I tend towards western meals and bread is a morning staple most of the time. I know I know, some people feel (and I, too) that ordering egg benedict feels like throwing money away because we’re literally paying around $20 for eggs, bread and a few slices of bacon. However i loveee cafe atmosphere and having big breakfasts with friends during weekends can feel like such a treat!! The cafe was packed; the meal was well done with runny eggs and everything blended together so flavourfully. Love it!!!

A treat from an ex colleague. I was pretty shocked when the pancakes arrived - do not underestimate its portion! There were 2 of us and we each ordered a dish, but on hindsight we should have ordered 1 to share. I really liked the mango pancake, it was flavourful while not too overpowering. The chocolate pancake was not too sweet as well. Overall I preferred the mango as chocolate tends to become too much to stomach after awhile.

A Japanese-Hawaiian fusion donburi located at a shopping mall teeming with office working lunch goers. After seeing my colleague eating this for multiple meals, I had to try once to find out what the fuss was about. The bowl was filled with raw ingredients that are typically good for the soul - sashimi, avocado, roe - minus the rice, it would have made for a real paleo meal. The avocado + rice + raw fish was a surprisingly okay combination - I had a nice time with this dish while catching up with an old friend.

Recommended by my sister, a very cosy restaurant tucked away in an unassuming spot at Boat Quay. I had the tempura donburi and it came in a huge portion. The dish was very generous with its tempura prawns (huge!!). I wasn’t able to finish the meal but am always happy to get my money’s worth.

Had the original rosti with half chicken and creamy mushroom. Really generous portion! Rosti was delicious, the potato did not feel heavy at all. However the chicken was a bit tough for my liking (I like nando’s juicy and tender chicken). Would suggest going for the sausage instead. I enjoyed the meal and felt I got my money’s worth. ($18+)

Lotus and soup was tasty, however the Pork ribs was incredibly hard :( - this is the first time I have tasted over cooked pork ribs (I didn’t even know this was possible) so I was disappointed. I saw other patrons had purchased from the same store and almost wanted to approach them to ask if this is their usual fare ...

Had wanted to try the baked chicken but staff said the kitchen was closing and the food would take 40 minutes hence went for the easier pasta. The dish was cheesey, not too rich and chunks of chicken bites that was tender. However i would have tried other quintessentially Greek food such as Bakalaki salad or their meat platters to get the full Greek experience.

Interesting concept where payment kiosks are set up for order and digital payment. I can sit down and wait for my queue number instead of waiting in line. However the store tender of the Japanese store really irked me - seems like her only job is to prepare the meals and leave it on the countertop. I tried to call her a few times to ask which bowl of miso was mine and there was no reply as she was in the kitchen. Salmon was pathetically thin, and rice was DRY and HARD. But beef portion was generous. Based on overall quality of food and shoddy customer service I would not visit again.

The only redeeming point of this cookie was that it was warm and the dough was salty, which adds to its ‘gourmet’ taste. However it was also overly sweet, sweetness was one-dimensional and the cookie structure was way too crumbly (could not even hold the cookie without it falling apart). Overpriced at $4.90 per piece, with way too much packaging for a single cookie. I noticed the bin at the Funan store was overflowing with trash and saw an unfinished cookie in the trash bin, which is honestly where it should belong. Overhyped.

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All day breakfast - my favourite meal of the day :) Bread was so soft, crunchy and aromatic. Sausage had some cheese filling and poached eggs were runny. Great meal!!

Mock meat was good. Very generous portion of rice.