One of the best fried chicken in Singapore. The oven baked version is crunchier and more fragrant than their fried counterpart. Definitely get this when you are here.

One of the few Korean fried chicken places in SG that actually nails it. Their oven baked chicken is fantastic, but the yang nyeom sauce provides a good alternative with a nice added spicy kick.

Their delicate potato salad has a combination of smooth and chunky bits which encapsulates the best of both worlds, and finished with a lovely, creamy yolk sauce.

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Generous amount of fresh sashimi which includes salmon, tuna and yellowtail. The different textures that the wakame and octopus provides brings it to another level. You can opt for the small (12.90) or medium (16.90) if you are a small eater. Overall a good, affordable bowl that will curb your sashimi cravings.