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First dish is stir-fried prawns with oyster sauce.

Personally I dun really like garlic but someone the taste of garlic is not too extreme for me in this dish and is delicious for me. 4/5 rating.

Honestly, I find the skin a little "rubbery" and the meat a little hard. The gravy was decent though. I feel their Mee Sua Bak Ku Teh will be something more worth it to try over this. Overall 2.5/5 for me.


Been wanting to eat the claypot Hokkien Mee for a long time.

The prawn stock is solid enough for me and the noodles are really smooth and I can slurp it with ease. The claypot version is more moist and perfect for people who prefers their hokkien Mee to be more "wet". A pity is that the pork strips are really thin. However, it has other ingredients like clams and pork lard. Ordered the 3 person portion for 15 dollars even though it was just me and my gf eating! Overall, a 4/5 rating for me.

Had me sweating profusely! The noodle and chicken were decent but the potatoes seemed over cooked in my opinion.

This time round is salted egg fries. The sauce is decent and overall it is quite a decent snack. However, it seems like the fries were cooked before hand and had the sauce poured over it as the fries were not warm.

The bread texture is soft and fluffy and the salted egg yolk sauce is really thick! A must try if you come by this cafe!

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