Smoked salmon, spinach, pesto and dill on a sesame bagel. This was very satisfying and I like that they didn’t scrimp on the smoked salmon!

We came here for supper and there’s 20% off hotpot ingredients after 10.30pm! Got the collagen soup and spicy pork soup and we really enjoyed it. Ingredients were also very fresh as well. It’s rather pricey but I’d come here on a special occasion!

We rushed here before the burpple beyond deal ended in September, really glad we came. We got the roasted green tea with brown rice + pistachio (premium flavours) and the coconut pandan + mint with cacao nibs. The premium flavours were absolutely amazing, the taste was so intense and rich wow it was an absolute treat! The normal range was good too but the premium flavours we got were truly outstanding. I’d say don’t scrimp and just top up a little!

Healthy and fresh vegan bowls, this is as healthy as it gets. We could really taste the freshness of the ingredients but had to request for salt and pepper because they don’t add it for maximum health. We enjoyed it a lot more with the salt and pepper! Quite worth it since we used burpple beyond!

Hearty and fresh ingredients! Soba was well seasoned but had to top up $1.50 for it.

The matcha ice-cream, the star of the dish was thick and rich in flavour with a slight bitter aftertaste. Other toppings were okay, nothing to shout about. I would say this is on the pricey side at ~$12 though.

They have a good mix of Khmer and Western food, all executed rather well. We got this crab stir fry which is sweet and spicy, slightly reminiscent of chilli crab and pairs well with rice. Other dishes we ordered such as the Khmer Grilled Fish and Carbonara were great as well!

Came here for the OCBC 50% off promo, costs around $44 after discount. Rather limited spread but understandable given the price!

Got the spicy flavoured tendon bowl which wasn’t spicy at all. Ingredients such as chicken, prawns, mushrooms are included and the tempura batter is light and not greasy!

Chicken omelette. Super hearty comfort food, and portions are generous! The toast is thick and fluffy with a nice buttery crisp, and the omelette is spilling with herbed chicken and topped with cheese. Best cafe food in Kep!

$5. There’s a thick layer of laksa gravy on top of the normal gravy and it’s super flavourful! Ingredients all blend together very nicely.

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Super rich and flavourful broth. Probably the most authentic ramen I’ve had in Singapore! $14.90