I've been craving Mexican food for a while and went to Santa Fe after seeing my friend's instagram post. My SO and I had a wonderful dinner and drinks (especially the buffet which is worthwhile for a small eater like me!) and the service was really one of the best I have encountered here in Singapore.

The servers warned us about the hot plate and made sure to organize our table every time a dish is served. They were all very friendly and attentive, even though they were busy on a Friday night.

There was a group of noisy people eating beside my table and one of the ladies yelled at the uncle who was serving them. I'm not sure what caused the commotion, but I don't think anybody deserved to be yelled at in public. Everyone was shocked and it affected the ambiance of our dinner, though we were mostly angry for the uncle and all the servers. I wish I said something but I did not want to make a scene.

Uncle, if you are reading this, I would like to let you know that you were doing a wonderful job and the food and drinks were amazing! I'm sorry you had to deal with that but I hope that you will not take this to heart and continue to serve your food to more people with your smile. I had a wonderful dinner and I'll come back again 🙂

This is one of my fave brunch spots with my SO lately. We been looking for a good breakfast for a while now, and am loving this Fry-Up from Sarnies. It has quite a spread as you can see here, and the beans really help to cleanse your taste buds as you go around the plate.

Definitely will recommend to everyone out there, also grab their cold brew and the hot chai latte. Not a fan of chai myself, but this was one that changed my mind! It's our 2nd time here now and shout out to Burple for such a great deal.

P.S it does get crowded here so do try to go early!

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