Nice coffee place to hangout.
Price is alright with burpple beyond..
Coffee taste was great.
But however the food / dessert selection is a bit limited.
Service was great.
Will head back and redeem more.

Tasty noodles, tasty soup.
Soup is abit of the sweeter side. But I managed to finished every drop of the soup in the bowl.

Taste: 9/10
Price: 8.5/10 ( with burpple is damn worth it )
Beer tower there is pretty reasonable too!
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10

Overall highly recommended, although the place is abit off. But it’s walking distance from city Sq mall.

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Thank you burpple for the 1 for 1 deal to explore this new soup restaurant. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Price wise, definitely damn worth it.
Staff are very helpful and friendly.


Price - thanks to eatigo for the 50%. So make the food much more worth it.
Taste wise - 8 out of 10.
Portion is abit huge, so if you’re in 1-3 ( don’t order too much)

Pretty steep on the price.
Used eatigo apps for this. Added a extra scoop of ice cream, was not told that it’s excluded from the 50% deal.

$5 for a tiny ( on the side ) scoop of ice cream it’s definitely not worth it.

But the dark choco ice cream is really good

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Great generous portion.
Worth the price I paid for ( for a 1 for 1 deal ).

But the acai base are pre-made. Let’s hope the acai are 100% acai and this will make the bowl much healthier. With no artificial stuff and sweeterner

Very good Thai food located at orchard central 7th floor ( I think )

Prices are reasonable and taste is good.
I love this crayfish Tom yum soup and their tomyum fries.
Can be share with 2. For the price of 1.
Their fried rice has a very good mix of Indian and Thai.


Agnes b cafe in hongkong.

The coffee not fantastic, but the 70% dark chocolate tart taste very good.
The chocolate melt in your mouth.

Price is on the high side, but definitely a nice place to chill in. Plus the bear is tooooo cute!

American food.
Nice, fluffy and dense pancakes / waffles!
Love the fried chicken on top of the waffles. Well marinated.. a total goodness of sweet and savory in one meal.

However the sweet potato fries was meh. Price was abit high given that tiny lil portion.

But will definitely go back if I’m craving for pancakes/ waffles.

Very value for money high tea.
By far the best high tea set I ever had.
It comes with 2 hot drinks. Coffee / tea.
I get to choose from a wide wide variety of tea!

The savory one ( lower tier ) are to die for!! They are all sooo good!
Even the strawberries used for garnishing taste sweet!

I will definitely go back. My high tea place!

Nice place with free flow of salad, and coffee.
However, we asked for medium rare for the steak, but it turned out cooked, and a tact tough.
The tamago and the salmon and roe don is good.

The price is on a high side.
Steak cost $30 without rice.
The salmon and roe don $24

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