Yummy and affordable Thai cuisine at orchard gateway!
Don’t be fooled by the picture, there’s actually a lot of minced chicken inside, just that it is submerged in the soup.
Special mention the beef shank noodles- the beef is super tender, you’d be surprised!

1. Tom Yum Minced Chicken Noodles $11.80 [front]
2. Beef Shank Noodles $13.80 [pictured at the back]
3. Chicken Skin Cracker $8
4. Thai Milk Tea $2.80

Comes with appetizer, main and dessert.

Everything was super delish! Star of the show- the chicken! Really tender meat and the mushroom sauce compliments it well.

Also tried the sea bass, chicken carbonara pasta, truffle fries, honey glazed wings, mushroom soup (THE BOMB!), mango pudding and milk pudding.
No complains!
Only downside is that the set doesn’t include drinks. :)

Simple yet comforting! There’s bits of mango(?) in it too!
It’s about $4+- for popiah and drink with Burpple 1-1.

Also tried the mushroom soup and french onion soup (not pictured), consistency of soup is closer to the ‘watery’ side but very flavorful!

This was surprisingly tasty!

It looks like theres no sauce but it’s actually coated into the fusilli which was great. Egg was cooked well, with the wobbly yolk. Comes with generous amount of small pieces of smocked duck. Though I find the portion of the pasta quite little hmm... maybe I was too hungry?

Pictured at the back is the beef burger. It was good too!

Nevertheless, definitely value for money with Burpple 1-1!

This was delicious! Flavorful sauce that makes you come back for more. Comes with a reasonable portion of mussels and prawns.
You get to choose your pasta- fusilli or spaghetti/ linguine.

Value for money with Burpple one for one deal.


1. Basic waffles + white chocolate orange.
2. Basic waffles + blackout chocolate.
Waffles are okay, on the softer side. Preferred the white chocolate orange ice cream, has subtle taste of orange.

3. Potato wrapped bacon (not pictured),
it was $8+ for 4-5 with small pieces of it, the sauce that came along with it was good but it’s a tad pricey since pieces are small. :(

Overall nice ambiance and yummy food! :)

Ice cream was nice. Waffles was slightly crispy out the outside, fluffy on the inside.
Value for money with Burpple one for one.

Super flavorful broth, ordered the spicy mutton noodles ($10.80-small; $13.80 large) I think... The mutton melts off the bone...

Didn’t expect it to taste so good!
Price is affordable too. Definitely worth a try! You’ll be craving for more! Gonna try the signature chili oil beef dumplings next. :D