Burpple Price: $5.95 (super worth!!!)

Hearty Chicken Chop dish with cheese that made it even more flavourful!

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Burpple price: $9

Back to try the Tom yum prawn pasta!! Really wanted to try this after seeing my friend got it the previous time!! It was a good spicy bowl of Tom Yum pasta!!

Burpple Price: $6
Shared this tuna bowl with a friend!! The portion of tuna was soooo generous!! Definitely worth $6! Will come back for this again.

Burpple Price: $7.50
Got the carbonara which was super good and very filling! Not too jelak too! My second time having this and will definitely come back again!

Burpple Price: $9.50

Shared the all-in brekkie with a friend! Really good and hearty meal!! We could choose how we want the eggs to be done! Super love that there are avocados too! Will definitely come back for this! :))

My go-to main when I come to Tomyum Mama! Really love the soup and the good amount of ingredients they put in. Usually about 3 clams, 2 prawns and a few small squids!! Worth a try if you can’t take the super spicy red tomyum soup! :)

Had their Deep Fried Wonton as a side which comes with sweet chilli dip. The skin was crispy and there was a good amount of filling too! Definitely worth the price and a good side to share with friends as well.

Burpple price: $8

Super good, creamy and flavourful pasta, but not gelak at all. Will come back to have next round since I just stole a bite from my friend hehe

Burpple price $7

Portion was bigger than expected and the pork was really yummy! Would definitely come back again for this

This came with lemon mayo dip and Arrabbiata Sauce which went super well with the crispy calamari. A good side to share with friends too!