It was a long wait but all worth it! Both The Breakfast Burger and The Grilled Cheese Sandwich were superb!!!!

The eggs were fluffy and soft. Buns were buttery and well toasted. What more can you ask for? I give it 10 stars out of 5!!!

A very healthy tasting bake, but I am not complaining because it’s my kinda thing. You get the occasional sweet kick from the figs which complements the savoury cheese and overall a well baked sourdough that was not too hard and quite fluffy on the inside.

Quite pricey though.

It already looks so amazing but it still tastes better than it looks! Ordered this for my birthday and wasn’t disappointed.

Croissants that never fail. They surprise me with fun and interesting flavours every month. You think that their flavours sounds odd but when you try it, it blows your mind again and again. 100/10, highly recommend.

Would be perfect if fish were colder as they were served at room temperature. Fish were still very fresh nevertheless!