We had the truffle mushroom tagliatelle pasta ($22) and bolognese penne pasta ($24) on the 1-for-1 for Entertainer! The portions were generous and tasted quite good for the half-price that we were paying, although it might get a little gelat past a certain point in time. I definitely will be back here on the Entertainer! Maybe will try their coffee next time, as their beans are well-known (and apparently good to be given as gifts).

The quesadillas here were pretty authentic and tasted really good! The restaurant also overlooks the Jewel fountain, and has nice and chill vibes. Fully recommended; will be back someday!

It’s 1-for-1 on Entertainer for the following items - tacos, quesadillas, burritos, sudado pescado, picadillo de carne, arroz con cangrejo, fletan a la plancha, Argentinian prawn pasta, tallarin saltado, arroz con pato and verduras a la plancha.

We ordered the carbonara and tonkatsu sando - this is my second time having this at Baristart, and I’m pleased to say that it tasted just as good this time round again! The portions may be just slightly smaller than other places, but they make up for it by tasting exceedingly divine.

The tonkatsu meat is tender and succulent, and well worth ordering; that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even usually like tonkatsu. The carbonara is creamy and a little thicker, but I would say this is the 2nd best carbonara in Singapore I’ve ever tasted (the first being the carbonara at Marmalade Pantry).

We also had the affogato and mango pudding, both of which were so good and had us scooping up at every last bit to ensure no wastage 😬

Prices at Baristart are a bit steep - to defray the costs, you can sign up as a member to get a 10% discount for the first time visit + a 10% discount on your birthday month. Would save this place for special occasions since it’s pricey but it’s certainly worth visiting!

Haakon is criminally underrated - it wasn’t crowded at all on the weekend that we dropped by, but the food was so good! The portion for the shoyu salmon bowl was generous, had a fair amount of ingredients, and tasted rad! This place does a good açaí but their poke bowls don’t seem talked about as much. Will be coming back again one day!

Been meaning to try out this place with a friend :-) It’s a really cozy place, and we had the burrata toast and tater tots.

The food was really really good, and it surprised me since some of the reviews on Burpple seemed a little skeptical!

The portion for the tater tots was huge and it had just the right amount of truffle, so as not to be too overwhelming. Definitely worth getting this as a side!

I heard from friends that Marche is no longer the only place to get good rosti and that Wursthans is a close rival - and they were right! The portions here are quite generous and the sausage is not bad; the rosti itself was quite pleasant. This food stop is tucked in a convenient space near the MRT and great for a fast and no-fuss bite :-) Would recommend!

Arteastiq is one of my favorite go-to spots, ever since Eatigo days. They make one mean crabcake breakfast! I visited the Jewel branch this time round and their quality was still tip-top. It was an enjoyable meal all around, and their lychee tea is always amazing :-)

I am now a soondubu convert after trying this place :-) The soondubu is handmade and silken and really quite wonderful! I got the ham & cheese rendition ($21.90), which is rather pricey especially for luncheon meat, but it was still worth paying for - and it tastes like army stew!

The sides are very generous as well and I must say this meal fills you up really quickly even though it doesn’t feel like a sizable portion. Definitely worth a visit!

Amano is tucked away in this sweet and cozy residential area, and is best accessed through car. The Hawaiian pizza, a staple in every menu, was pretty tasty and happiness-inducing, and the lasagna was decent too, although a bit on the thick side.

Worth another visit though, especially on the Entertainer app!

I came here on the Entertainer app and it was well worth the money, because the beef was really tender and delicious! I think they are definitely known for their steak; while the sauce of the lobster pasta was very good, the lobster meat itself was only of decent quality. One day I will be back for their steak and beef again~

Cedele is always a reliable cafe to go to, with good cakes, pasta and soup. The mushroom soup was comforting on a rainy day, and the pasta was of quite good quality as well! It was definitely a pleasant meal to be had!

This place surprised me as a hidden gem in Far East Plaza! I really loved the tom yum fried rice and tom yum soup, even if Thai food is not usually my primary go-to cuisine. It had the perfect balance of spiciness and flavor, and could be considered as comfortable food. I will definitely be back with my family again ◡̈