Freshly made chee cheong fun, made to order 👌🏻was not bad, though I wouldn’t queue for 30 mins for it.

Boneless chicken rice at Katong shopping center is a must try and probably one of the best chicken rice in Singapore. The fried garlic garnish over the meaty chicken is 🙌🏻. Besides that, the side soup is homely.

👌🏻the glasshouse iced white / white are consistently good. Their single origin chocolate are also a must try.

Try their iced latte, worth the travel and queue

Fish skin mixed in perfectly seared salmon, wasabi vinaigrette. I topped it off with an additional poached egg. Wasabi vinaigrette got a bit strong in certain parts of the dishes, leaving the remaining portion bland; but otherwise a well executed dish. Pricy tho! But if you’re a salmon kind of gal, yolo.


The grain bowl in ninja bowl was definitely overhyped. The Noka in particular, was more bland than I’d expect it to be. The runny egg yolk goes well with the beef cheek, but the crunchy combination of the beansprouts felt a bit out of place in this mix. Overall bowl lacked a tang or a zest.

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Have always been a bit skeptical about neighbourhood cafes, but dare I say that this latte totally hits the spot. Fully bodied iced latte.

Fav part about this dish was the hummus on top of the steamed pumpkin. Texture of the wagyu dependent on when you’d come here. Overall a pretty well paired dish. I’d definitely order it again.


Loving the bulgogi, edamame and quinoa combination. Goes well together.

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Very strong espresso!! Not the best espresso cube, Super bitter Cubes.