Went on a weekday afternoon and there were not much people. Safe distancing measures were in place with people seated at every other seats and leaving one table in between.

You can’t get your own condiments but can choose from what is available and the staff will prep for you. Love their choice of broths and esp the mushroom soup and coconut soup, which is a good choice when the other flavours get too thick. Happy experience!

This is hands down my favourite sushi chain in singapore - the sashimi is always very fresh and juicy with no fishy taste. Special shout out the the big red prawn - favourite order and i always have at least 2 of them. They are not very expensive also so it’s always my go to when it comes to sushi!

I always opt for cookie sauce whenever i’m ordering Yole or Llao Llao - additional sweetener! Kinda like a comfort dessert 😋

Bought this together with the Liquid Gold tart, as part of Burpple Beyond one for one. They were quite strict on redemption in the sense that only one deal can be redeemed at any one point in time, meaning to say you can’t redeem the chocolate drinks and tarts at the same time.

Liquid gold was great, but the hazelnut flavour was disappointing. The flavours does not go as well as i thought they would, and i was struggling to finish it when i was barely halfway through the tart. It’s quite jelat so suggest to down it with coffee or tea. Overall would buy the liquid gold tart again but not this flavour 🙊

Pleasant surprise after cutting into the tart - the caramel was a little flowy and complimented the bitterness of the chocolate very well. Really worth the hype, calling it liquid gold is very apt!

Got it with Burpple Beyond one for one, so pretty value for money as well!

Sushi was fresh and tasty, and there was a great variety. Love it! It will be my next joint to go when i have sushi cravings! Special mention to the big red fresh prawn sushi which was crunchy and tasted heavenly! Next would be the hojicha milk pudding, where the hojicha taste was so rich and leave me wanting for more! Will be back again very soon! 👍🏻

Opted for the black pepper crabs instead of the usual chili crab flavour! Sauce is savoury with the right amount of pepper. Crabs are meaty and fresh as well.

We ordered 2 crabs, 500g of prawns and the lobster rolls to share among 3 ppl. Didn’t opt for the bags because we felt that other dishes are more reasonably priced. Total bill came up to be around $237, including drinks for 3. Used 2 chope voucher ($50 for $100 voucher) and topped up $37. Quite value for money when the vouchers are used!

Went for my usual fix of salmon mentai don! Love how crispy the salmon skin is, and how the saltiness of the mentai compliments the the sauce poured over the rice! The sauce can get a little salty, but you can always request for less sauce. I also like how they torched the mentai to give it a smoky flavour. Don comes with a free miso soup, great to finish the don with!

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Made use of my burpple one for one deal! 👍🏻Decided to swop the usual rice for soba, was disappointed to note that the soba break easily and it was hard to pick up using the chopsticks. My partner had the rice and also note that the rice used is normal rice instead of pearl rice.

Tendon was quite tasty tho! The spicy sauce gives a great kick to the overall taste. As for the chawanmushi, it is on the bland side, would have much preferred addition of soya sauce.

Overall, I might be back to try their other offerings but I will give the tendon a miss next time!

This is the second time i’ve been here! Tried the beef truffle pasta the first time and uni pasta for my second. Both dishes were decently cooked and plated. I note that the uni was a little torched as well! Uni did smell a little fishy initially but was still acceptable. Finally satisfied my uni cravings!

I ordered the matcha lava cake both times when i was there. No regrets. The lava was flowy and bursting with matcha goodness, and the vanilla ice cream complimented it very well. I would go there just for the matcha lava cake alone!

One interesting thing abt this place is that they have those large brewers to brew their own beer. They also have green beer! Worth a try for people who wants to try interesting alcohols! And for the gram heh!

Expected damages: Around $15 for pasta alone, if wish to get the lava cake to share will be around $20. The beer was around $8 per pint!

Note: The uni pasta cost $20, as expected as uni does not come cheap.


Another great find for steamboat lovers! The price was reasonable for ala carte orders, and they also have value sets as well. My favourite soup would be the mushroom soup! Personally, I feel that the chicken collagen and tomato soup was soso only. There was free flow drinks if you decide to top up as well!

Personal favs - the hand pulled noodle and pork slices! No fancy songs and gimmicks when they pull the noodles, but I find it nicer than HDL’s. if you are looking for a homely steamboat, this is the one to go for!

Damage: Around $25/pax

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Went straight for the kintan buffet! Enjoyed the gyutan (beef tongue) and beef slices thoroughly. Their chawanmushi packs a punch and I devoured 2 cups during the buffet. The time limit is 90min, of which the first 70 min can be used to order food. As for the remaining 20 min, you can’t order any more food. You can still take the food from their cooked food and salad bars. I enjoyed the pork miso soup as well! Their staff was attentive and kept clearing the empty plates. You can also request to change the grill when it gets too charred.

Worth trying! A little pricey but good for special occasions!

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