Took the 1 for 1 waffle and tea, plus ice cream top up. Waffle is really good. Ice cream and tea are also good. Will come even without 1 for 1.


Came here for the coffee but surprise finding on the pastry which is quite good. At lease better than Starbucks. Near AMK ave 8 but if driving come in from ave 10.

Meat lovers, this deal was made for you! Dig into succulent BBQ Pork Ribs, Crispy Pork Knuckle, Duck Confit, The Signature Rebel Beef Burger, Fried Steak and more with the Meatlovers Booze Set ($39.90). Each set comes with two servings of meat dishes and a choice of drinks — house wine, beer, juice, soft drinks and coffee or tea.

*Eligible for 1-for-1 Takeaways till 30th June

One of my hidden finds during the CB period, they were offering a whopping 50% their entire menu for curbside pickup. This octopus leg was awesome at this price point. Charred, juicy and perfectly cooked.