📍Cedele Bakery Kitchen, Greenwich V
This is my mum’s go to and I know the reason why. We love almost everything at Cedele and this is no exception: the quinoa is fluffy and moist, the seabass is tasty and tender, and the pumpkin is so yummy too!

📍Nasty Cookie, Funan
Tried Matcha, Banana Toffee and Biscotti. I think my favourite was the Banoffee since it was very moist. But kinda sweeeeet.

📍Guzman Y Gomez, Funan
Onions!!!!! Loved the nachos! But meh overall.

📍Thrive, Upp Thomson
Nice!! Just the right size.

📍KFC, Jewel
A first for me!!!! Although it tasted kinda weird haha…

📍 Nic And Tom Eatery
Loved the broth for this and the meats too.

📍 Nic And Tom Eatery
Not as gelat as I feared but the cheesy taste was still too strong for me! Quite an interesting taste overall.

📍Sushi Tei, Thomson Plaza

📍Ding Tai Fung, Raffles City
Love the shrimp! Something about this DTF fried rice just can’t be replicated

📍Omote, Thomson Plaza
They even have a drive through option! Generous chunks of fish and wasabi

Wouldn’t consider this a success, too bland

Could do with more salt but otherwise the spices could be tasted