I love the fresh tagliatelle ar spizza I wish they still had the squid ink ones though. Tara and Quinta pizzas are must orders too!

Got it on Burpple one for one. They have deals for lunch sets too!

So flavourful! I seldom give curry puffs thumbs up cause I only like the one from OCK but this is great! The filling is soooo generous and there’s egg within! Lots of potatoes and chicken too. I’m so glad I found this I had it consecutively over a couple of days. So glad they opened now near my workplace too!

The egg tarts and char Siew sor are good too. Haven’t tried the rest though!

Caution: curry puff can be a lil spicy!

This place located at Hougang Green houses quite a few good food.

The braised duck rice set ($4.50) is a must order even though it looks unassuming.

Get the sambal chilli too.

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A bit too rich for my liking. Long queues even during weekday lunches. Best to go early.

I love the Danish and matcha latte. They have croissant/Danish set at $5.90 with coffee, top up $1+ for latte.

Apparently if you’re a French citizen you get discounts! I see a lot of expats here showing some discount card.

Good location for plane watching. The food are affordable and decent. Would visit again!

The fried chicken nasi lemak is good. Good ambience but slow service.

It would be good if they could sell bubble tea on weekends instead of just weekdays! Love the local drinks the Kopi with western cafe food.

We were so upset that FUZE next door has closed down just yesterday. Made a trip down from SK to eat FUZE. Ended up at Saturday House.

The sambal fish serving was small. Beef burger worth a try.

You MUST pay for water if you’re using Burpple beyond. Weird rules.


Awesomeeeee! The curry is slightly different from the usual Hainanese curry. But the cutlet is tender, and the curry is flavourful. Worth the $4-5!

For $3.50, you get a slab of duck drizzled with sauce. The chilli has so much umami in it. The duck along with the herbs makes the whole dish so flavourful.

Hidden gem in AMK! Queue can be quite long even during dinner!

Musttttt take the chilli.

However, don’t order the whole duck for CNY. We tried once during CNY (dabaoed home) and it wasn’t that nice. Probably due to mass production.

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We had lunch which was 1 for 1 (including weekends!) and it was so good. We ordered Tom Yum seafood risotto and squid ink seafood linguine.

The risotto was so flavourful with a tinge of tom yum that wasn’t overbearing. They were generous with the clams and the prawns were fresh.

$19++ for two! So worth it! This is not on Burpple beyond but they have their 1 for 1 promo! Come here!


Monster cookie, strawberry cheesecake, Nutella and sea salt caramel!

Great! Everyone should come here for desserts!

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