A rather meh bowl of soba... Noodles tasted more ramen thn soba and soup has a light scent of truffle. Nothing much to shoutout on, considering the fact tht they are the first michelin star ramen 🤔

Enjoyed the texture & consistency of their ice cream very much. Not overly sweet too. Surely one of the better ice cream parlours out there. 🍨

Best dish in th house hands down. Whoever thought a simple egg plant could taste so yummy?? Texture & taste is 💯, nuff said.

Them grilled skewers were seasoned w the same cumin powder be it meat or vege. Some items had a min order of 2 or 5 so going in a group would be a bonus. My faves were th chicken skin, large intestines, brocc & prawn. 🥩🍢

It is tangy, it is appetising, I cant stop kiapping them into my mouth w my chopsticks... & before u knw it, the plate's clean. 🥔🥗

Long grain basmati rice is fragrant, infused w lots of spices tht were visible such as cinammon and star anise. Char siew is sweet, fragrant and tender albeit the ratio of soft bones to meat is a good 1:1. I like that a variety of sides- molten egg, curried chickpeas and cauliflower were given so you wont feel like its too boring eating just rice and meat the whole time. All in all a very satisfying meal for its pricetag. 😌

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Honestly had a v hard time choosing which ingredients to get cus they had all of my favs 🤤 Affordable and generous w their servings, it's a pity location-wise it's kinda out of the way...


Yet another seasonal flavour from matchaya, this one melts faster than its counterparts as it has a thinner consistency. Basically bandung in soft-serve form. 🌹


Surprised this came in such a large cup cus y’knw how thai places always rip you off with their teeny weeny cups filled with ice... Perfect for washing down all the spiciness & oiliness throughout your meal. 🍵


Grew up eating my prawn mee here so this has became my benchmark for good hae mee. Ultra fresh prawns were sweet & springy, the flesh slides off its shell easily. Some days when the broth is saltier, you’ll find yourself downing lots of water throughout the entire day. 🦐


Tangy cubes of mango & frozen durian pulp on top of shaved ice with evaporated milk sounds like a match-made in heaven. Price point is still affordable after the increase. However, I wouldn’t travel all the way down specially just to have this. 🍧


Major yummerz for this thick, creamy & satisfying concoction. A must-have whenever I’m in the vicinity! Personal preference to wait awhile for the ice to melt so it’s less sweet. There’re at least 3 others stalls selling avo juice in the same hawker centre & all of em are of decent quality so you don’t have to worry about not getting your fix when uncle decides not to operate on that unfortunate day you choose to pop by. 🥑