Super tasty 😋 and value for money if u use burple beyond. Not the best salmon, but for the price i m nt complaining

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Favourites : Earl Grey, Hazelnut, Cinimon

Theres a 2 for 2 promo on entertainer

Idk if the food is really african but the waiters were really nice in entertaining our questions abt it. We sat on the 2nd floor with a big u shape sofa for the 8 of us. Much privacy and very comfortable for us to chat tgt aft dinner. We 1 cocktail each and ordered 6 mains 3 sides 2 desserts paid like $50 per pax. Feels pretty good to me

Its my 3rd time eating this set. Find tt the food is nice, every item tastes good and the ambiance is also good for chatting with your friends. Is a super pretty cafe.

Used entertainer 1 for 1 total bill was $35

The crab pasta was abit too spicy for me. i like the truffle risotto . Resturant is nice. Kindda on the pricy side even with 1 for 1.

Used the entertainer 1 for 1 for this. Super worth it and super nice. Their fish and chips is so so only

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Super nice falafel sandwich the falafel was freshly fried when i ordered it and there were like 6 balls inside my pita sandwich. Used the 1 for 1 deal so its $4.50 each😋

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Tasty and super value for money.

Generous serving of fruits and peanut butter 😋

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Pricy but delicious, one of the best acais ever, a pity there is no one for ones.

The diff btw this shop and other acai shops is that they add apple juice and banana into their acai so its like more flavourful like with the apple and banana taste, compared to other shops.

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Visited this place twice,

The first time we ordered budae jigge for 2 pax at $50 (Total incld gst)

The second time I ate 2 X lunch set ( kimchi soup and bibimbap) at $38.

The budae jigge was okay nice, but we have to top up for ramen. The kimchi soup was terrible, dont order it. The bibimbap on the was super delicioius though, i would eat it again.

The sides were tasty and the drinks and desserts were quite tasty too.

Would visit again to try their bbq next time!