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Tasty and super value for money.

Generous serving of fruits and peanut butter 😋

Perfect when you have craving for fried chicken and cheese

Super delicious

Pricy but delicious, one of the best acais ever, a pity there is no one for ones.

The diff btw this shop and other acai shops is that they add apple juice and banana into their acai so its like more flavourful like with the apple and banana taste, compared to other shops.

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Visited this place twice,

The first time we ordered budae jigge for 2 pax at $50 (Total incld gst)

The second time I ate 2 X lunch set ( kimchi soup and bibimbap) at $38.

The budae jigge was okay nice, but we have to top up for ramen. The kimchi soup was terrible, dont order it. The bibimbap on the was super delicioius though, i would eat it again.

The sides were tasty and the drinks and desserts were quite tasty too.

Would visit again to try their bbq next time!

They had a total of 13 desserts after eating one of each we were quite full.

Most of the desserts were pretty tasty, like the match powder jellys and macaroons and the ichigo dango.

$45 for 2 pax felt like an okay price, it wasnt too cheap or too expensive. Can try once and I ll probably go back again, if i have another free weekday afternoon :)

Loved the location, the ambience the coffee, cakes and mains

Had 2 drinks, 2 cakes, 1 main ( Crab eggs benedict) and paid a total of $49

The cakes were banana crumble tart and sea salt caramel.

Must try the tarts if u vist!

2 Eggs w shitake
Chirashi bowl (something like that)
Plain Miso soup
Lobster w waygu
2X Chocolate truffles

Total $107 after gst

Not exactly value for money because, if we ordered 2 x Sides with 2x mains the price would be around the same.

The steak was nice because they really used a high quality waygu but was such a waste cos it was cold by the time I ate it. I ate the lobster first and found it to be cold too but when i clarified w the staff they said its meant to be cold so that the butter would not melt. But i would have liked my mains to be hotter 😅

Desserts was just 2 pieces of chocolates, would be better if they could add more stuffs like mochi or ice creams

Overall was a very fufilling meal and could tell that they put alot of effort and thought into preparing it. But i probably will not go for the omakase again because its on the pricier side and the food though was well made was too cold for my liking

I would go again to try their other mains 😁