This was around $12-$13, at first I was slightly taken aback. However, this was quite value for money. My favourite part was the pasta which was a cross between udon & spaghetti! It had a herbaceous flavour similar to pesto and was studded with mushrooms, mock ham & capsicums. The accompanying fries were soggy & oily so I left them out. The salad at the side was refreshing but was overpowered by the ‘mayonnaise’ dressed on it.

The cheese was legit and I even had a cheese pull! The mock meat was dressed with a tangy reduced tomato sauce & had a chewy texture. To end it off on a sweet note, a small cup of jelly was provided! Tasted very similar to Ai-yu jelly, really refreshing & my only gripe was that the portion was too small! It was not too sweet & I did not expect to be a fan of this! The set also came with mushroom soup which was chock full of mushrooms but tasted a little diluted. Also there were lumps of roux mixture in the soup but I easily forgot about that.

All in all, a 7/10! Would try it again :)

*Tofu was purchased separately for $6.5!

Pan grilled chicken chop (foreground) $6.50

Chicken run- salted egg yolk burger (background) $6.50

The chicken chop was moist & succulent. It came with a light brown sauce studded with mushrooms, mashed potato and purple coleslaw (made in house). The accompanying sauce was a tad too light and did not provide the chicken chop the ‘oomph’ I was looking for. The coleslaw was slightly too tart for me, but if you’re one who enjoys this flavour, you will find this dish to your liking. The mushrooms were a great addition.

The salted egg burger had a crispy chicken cutlet drowned in a very concentrated salted egg sauce served with thick fries. I found the burger decent and would suit many salted egg lovers! The sauce was a tad too jelat for me though.

Overall the food was decent! If I was around the area I would try their tom yum seafood pasta during my next visit! Other items include battered fish & chips, pesto cream pasta, chicken cutlet and many other unique items which can be seen from their special menu! Do check it out if you’r in Toa Payoh! Thumbs up for a good find in the neighbourhood 👍🏽