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Healthy Food #BurppleBeyond 1-1 All in breakfast $12.80 Chicken rice $9.80 Beef Rendang $11.80 A very pretty little joint decorated with pastel pink and rose gold theme. Even their bowls and plates were pastel pink. Staff was very friendly even when we were using the Beyond deals. For food wise, the all in breakfast tasted exactly how it looks, we think its pricey even with Beyond for what was served. The rest of the 2 rice bowls was of no surprises too. Probably wont be back cause of the price and the quantity and quality of food.
Healthy Bowls At West Coast Plaza Cosy place for sure, and for healthy bowls, I think it’s pretty great on flavour. I had the garlic rice topped with salmon, broccoli, crab stick, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. My mom and sis had their set meal which comes with a drink and sides (gyoza/corn soup or truffle fries to share). Their drinks are v v worth it. The avocado smoothie doesn’t taste like those in your usual hawker centre, it’s really smooth and light with almond flakes. And their barley drink is super refreshing with cooked barley and honey I suppose. One for one set meal deal using Burpple. But can only choose from the standard menu, cannot DIY your own bowl but still a great deal nonetheless. Love this hidden gem in the west and I’m sure to come by if I’m around the area.
Heathier Lunch Of The Week Thinking of eating healthier after a sinful week. Ordered the burpple set with Avocado Smoothie and truffle fries. The avocado smoothie is damn worth it comparing to the one we usually get from the market opposite.
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