11.50 for Chicken rice? The audacity! But if that restaurant has been in existence since 1978, something has to be going right for the chicken rice. After a stomach growling wait, we found out what those things were. Tender, plump chicken, perfectly balanced rice with just the right amount of spices and oiliness and some of the most flavourful soup that I've ever tasted with chicken rice. Considering some chicken rice can come up to 8 bucks a set in foodcourts these days, I'd say this chicken rice is well worth it! Time for us to gear up and try some of their other tze char fare!

When you hear the words "lunch set", you would expect perfunctory soup that suspiciously tastes as if it comes from a can, accompanied by some small salad hiding behind the toast as if it's ashamed to make an appearance. So when our set lunches appeared, it stunned us with their gorgeous plating with a plethora of small bites surrounding the salad. It's not just a pretty face either; the soup was hearty with scallops, the small bites surprised us with their huge range of flavors, and the mains were excellent. Faith in set lunches restored!


Mentaiko Pasta? Been there ate that. But this was definitely one of the better incarnations that we had. The potent cod roe adding a spicy bite mixed with the creamy egg yolk, we were practically inhaling the pasta when it came. Too bad the pasta didn't come in bigger portions, else it might have lasted a tad longer and prolonged our nirvana.


What you are looking at, is a gorgeous side of chicken, with crispy skin and meat so tender that you are able to do a table dissection with only your utensils at hand without resorting to your actual hands. This is not your average finger licking chicken. The meat goes so well with decadent white mushroom sauce; we were literally mopping it up. Definitely worth an order!


I gotta admit, Nasi Ambeng was an alien concept to me but through the lure of gorgeous instagram photos, I was brought to this place. When the food arrived, it was a sight to behold, think of a typical Nasi Padang dish but upsized many times over with portions to boot and all on one plate. Imagine if you went to eat cze char but everything arrived on one plate, with the gravies mixed together. Just make sure that you are going with a group of die hard sambal lovers cos some of the dishes are not meant for the faint of heart!

Its not easy to cook Paella, believe me I've tried and wasn't quite successful. So when we stuffed our mouths with grains of flavorful rice, I realized, why bother when you can get the real deal right here? This wasn't the watered down version, mind you, it had fresh clams, prawns and good quality sausages, Definitely a steal at the price.