Visited Anju for some snacks and drinks, and ordered the:
🦐 Bori Prawns ($8)
🥞 Hogam Jeon with Mozzarella Cheese ($28)

Both are highly recommended! 💯 The prawns were a great snack, crispy and tasty, while the pancake was a different take from the usual Korean pancake. Would definitely pay a visit to Anju again. 😍


Visit Joo Chiat Caphe for some delicious Banh Mi at pretty affordable prices. We had:
🥖 Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken Thigh with Homemade Chicken Pate ($6.50)
🥖 Grilled Lemongrass Beef Patty with Hoisin Sauce ($7)
& we enjoyed both!! The bread itself was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I personally preferred chicken one.

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Was pretty excited to visit this place in Holland V but my friend and I were so disappointed when the food arrived! The bara chirashi was totally different from the picture in the menu and had very few pieces of fish. The rice was mediocre as well. The entire dish was just bad and unsatisfying :(

We ordered the Singapore Style Chilli Prawns ($17.80) with additional 4 pieces of mantou ($2) and the SCS Butter Fried Squid ($17.80, pictured). Was pleasantly surprised with how they both tasted! 😋 The sauce for the prawns was a little tomato-y, but had a nice consistency. The mantou was really good - crispy on the outside and soft in the inside 👍🏻 The fried squid was tasty but got a little gelat after a while. A great experience!

Ordered the dirty brown sugar drink ($3.9) & strawberry tea w rock salt pearls ($3.9). I thought the dirty brown sugar drink would contain brown sugar pearls but it turned out to be normal honey pearls ☹️ Not fantastic, but okay especially with burpple beyond!

Amount saved: $3.9

The food might not be fantastic, but the portions are big and the proceeds all go to charity! We ordered the ribs ($18) and the beef burger ($17).

Amount saved: $17

Ordered 2 jaffles - Fowl play ($15) and Nice to meat you ($15). Both were quite good! We found the Fowl play jaffle to be quite dry after a while though. But we were very happy with our meal! All in all, I like the cafe and food but I think its pretty pricey without burpple beyond.

Amount saver: $15

Ordered 2 Academics breakfast ($25 each), Salmon rosti ($24) and Crab meat pasta ($23). The food is not bad, although its price is on the high side. Worth it with burpple beyond tho!

Amount saved: $47

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Tom’s palette is great! Really affordable and great ice cream 👍🏻 We love the rum & raisin here! Ordered the salted caramel cheesecake ice cream as well which was lovely! A 4oz cup costs $5 for 2 flavours, will definitely be back!

Amount saved: $5

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Ordered the pad thai with omelette ($10.50) & beef boat noodles ($7.50). Was told that the free item had to be $9.5 or less! The food was pretty mediocre and expensive for the quantity!

Amount saved: $7.5

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I think Rakki bowl is superb! Love the truffle wagyu don ($25.90), it’s super tasty. One thing to note, the regular size is really small so go for the large! With Burpple beyond, it’s super worth it! Will definitely be back :-)

Amount saved: $25.9

Ordered the antioxidant ($10 for medium) & the body booster ($10 for medium). Was pretty disappointed with the taste actually. Both of them tasted quite similar despite having different ingredients! They are also quite filling!

Amount saved: $10