(From near to far view)

NASI AYAM SET was amazing. It comes along with beef rendang & prawn sambal. Chicken was cooked well & varies well with the amount of rice.

Splendid LOBSTER SET. Lobster meat was soft. Not only that, it was topped off with cheese. Yumzzz!!!!

Classic yet tasty MEE GORENG. Cooked to perfection, will give you the local delight with every bite.

It was perfect. Taste. Variety. Price. All 😋


What I love about this meal is that it comes a long with chicken/lamb (your preference) satay which serves as good meat/side dish 👍🏻

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Just a perfect combo for a perfect brunch.
Serving you delightful & worthy meals here 👍🏻#feekacoffeeroasters