The meat lovers platter came with half a rack of bbq pork ribs, half a roasted chicken, ribeye steak, roasted potato wedges and other roasted vegetables. Shared this with 2 other ppl.
The meats were so so good. They were tender and cooked perfectly. The chicken was also really juicy and ribs were easy to get off the bone. You can choose the doneness of the steak doneness(i chose medium rare and it was great).
Also ordered the beef cubes and it was delicious and so tender. Overall great place

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Shrimps are fresh and tastes amazing. They were crispy and delicious. The thai chilli dip also went really well with the shrimps

Best pasta restaurant ever! i’ve been coming here ever since i was a little kid and i still love it quality never slacked. So many pasta types to choose from to go with any pasta sauce you like. The choices are so diverse and food is amazing. They also have appetisers, pizza, seafood and meats plus dessert of course. Always can count on this place for some good pasta. Service is good too.

Al Salmone: Any pasta you like with pink sauce and salmon chunks. Really good and filling. Today’s sauce was more to the tomato side but other times i had this there was a perfect blend of tomato and cream sauce. Salmon is nice and overall great dish

Food was great and came really quick despite the place being full house.

Signature Breakfast: Sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 1 sausage link, sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes topped with rocket and side of butter. The bread was really soft and tasty with a crispy crust, everything else was good but nothing too special

Croissants: These butter croissants were amazing they were so good and buttery, not too flaky and tastes fresh

Overall, food here is good and worth it, price a little on the higher end but this is sentosa so what do we expect right