The cookie monster tastes like cookies and cream but more delicious hehe and hazelnut truffle had a pretty strong hazelnut taste which i enjoyed

🌟Ambience: 7/10
super cute pink background and light-ups! place can be quite small tho

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Tbh at first i was kinda doubtful, as the description did state that it was cappuccino with okinawa brown cane sugar, so i thought it would taste just like really sweet coffee. however, i was really amazed at how well the two blended well with each other and it didn’t taste overwhelmingly sweet at all

thin crust pizza with spicy chicken sausage, pork sausage, bacon and cheeses! i do really like thin crust pizza, and everything really matched well together

A huge bowl of linguine mixed with tomato sauce consisting of crab meat, birds eye chilli, pine nuts and fresh parsley! i ordered less spicy and the spice is just right for me, and i genuinely enjoyed this dish as i could taste the crab meat well. i do recommend sharing with another person tho cuz it can be quite strong after a while