This has now become my new favourite place to go to whenever I'm in need of a quick pick-me-up. I like how the noodles have a bite to it-- probably due to the automated noodle cooking machine that boils it to the right consistency. If you're feeling a little down, the Kake Udon is definitely one not to be missed too-- the hearty broth would definitely have you feeling better in no time!

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Was craving the amazing icecream I had at the outlet at Bedok, so I ventured out to find the nearest location at CBD. Disappointed at this frozen mess-- if I didn't know any better, I'd say I'm eating frozen grass.

Verdict? 😡 never again

Had to preface this by saying: (1) I love spicy food but my tolerance is embarassingly low, and (2) I've only eaten mala two other times prior to this.

Was in the area and decided to pop by after a quick Google search. I opted for δΈ­θΎ£ (medium spice level) and realised I had severely overestimated myself. Though I didn't manage to finish it all, it was well-cooked and prepared. The maggi mee was a little undercooked so it had a nice bite (my personal favourite!!) and the sauce complemented everything well. I enjoyed the beancurd skin and mushroom tremendously, as well as the multiple cans of drinks ($1.50 each, provided with a cup of ice as well) that helped me get through the dish.

Would try again when I'm in the area and craving a little kick, but would choose 小辣 (less spice) to give a better review.

Overall: 😊😊😊

I'm not one for bugers, but this really blew my mind! The burgers were flavorful and soaked the sauce up well, the pulled-pork (which took 72 to prepare- and it really shows) had a layer of depth that I was not expecting.

Would definitely try once more (and probably many more after that)!

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