The only special drink is their signature coffee which is cotton candy with coffee and milk. You mix everything. For those who are coffee lover, is not recommend.

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This is a hidden restaurant. Around this shop is resident area. The curry laksa is nice and the bread with kata and butter taste very authentic.


This is their signature drink, Cold Brew. This place is kinda hard to find. Is hidden very inside.

Red Opera is their signature cake. Taste is the cake is a little bit sour.

Have 8 difference flavour of meat you can taste. The soup is very nice too. And refillable.

I love there flat white. Is very smooth. And their list recommend is their cake! THE KING!

I prefer the soup then the dry. There is 3 noodles that you can choose, Mee hoon, glass noodle and kuey tiew. Rm1.90 per bowl. And there is very loooooong queue.

This is their signature dessert and new flavour. I taste it right after they launched at second day. Their dessert is highly recommend for the couple. Have their dessert with a nice view. And is not that costly too.


Their waffle is very delicious and also the crepe too. This waffle cost around Rm20. You can choose to add on the chocolate or butterscotch sauce or BOTH. If you prefer just something simple, you can choose syrup, and it will be cheaper.


This cafe is located nearby Masjid Jamek LRT Station, is kinda hard to find parking space over there. This is the hainanese bread. I feel very warm when I ate this because I'm a hainanese!

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This place is kinda hard to reach. If you are come from midvalley, you have to make a U turn and is connected with a car garage. They served nice sandwiches. This is the main point. Hahahaha

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