This bacon n egg pizza was pretty decent and costs only $13.90, worth it especially with eatigo discount.

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Overall a decent dish, but the duck rangout parpadelle was better.


Tried the wagyu one before, its not worth, you will be better off with this (14.9) and an extra portion of beef (11) which is what i did. Double the meat, yet still cheaper than the wagyu.

Asolutely delicious, the egg, beef shabu, katsu and prawn in this small pan is done to perfection. Really affordable ($15.9), their rice is also really high quality japanese rice, pickles r great too, so is the miso soup and they r all free flow.

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By far the most value dish here. Portion was good, prawns were fresh and ample, and the gass noodles soaks up allthe delicious sauce. Its only $12 as i recall.

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Delicious and value for money sushi set. The toro saba was especially nice, fatty and goes really well w the shisho leaf sandwiched between the fish n rice

Price is steep, but it tastes really good, wagyu dipped in runny egg goes perfectly with the chewy silky smooth udon. Use shopback to make it more worth

At $22 this is really worth. Fish is fresh, udon gives a nice warm ending to a sushi meal.

Delicious katsu toji, portion is large enough for sharing, ample eggs as well.

A disappointing meal. The rest of the set was great, salad, soup, pickles and rice were all up to standard, but the katsu fell short of expectations. Taste wise, it was right, however, the batter was too thin and didnt produce a crunch. The batter of the underside of the katsu was SOGGY as it soaked up the pork juices. I almost thought i was eating katsu toji for a moment.

The shoyu was mediocre, shio was good, and awase aji is the best of all their flavours. Definitely one of the best ramen in sg

Seriously, this is the best xlb in singapore, period.