Local Singapore delight. I wouldn’t travel all the way here, but would definitely bring some non local friends to try it out given its heritage.


Great place to hangout and chill. Their matcha latte is average, I thought their masala chai was a lot better

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American style pancakes done right. Absolutely loved the treat, it was such an indulgent and decadent breakfast. Share it with a friend to feel less guilty!

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Looks nice, but ice cream was quite meh imo. It kind of lacked denseness and tasted quite icy.

First burpple beyond experience!
Food was pretty good, eggs, cheese and bacon ham all on a fluffy warm toast, what more could you ask for?
My friend got the baked eggs cocotte, it was pretty delicious too.

Delicious crepes, both savoury and sweet were really good. Give it a go if you have a craving for crepes! Slightly on the pricey side though.

Chicken was well seasoned with spices, I loved every single bit of it. Fries was a tad too much for a single person, it’s a decently good meal which I would go back again for.

Came here to relive my Holland experience. It’s definitely delish, with huge fluffy fries and a dollop of saus, but it can’t beat the original in Netherlands.

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I’m not very impressed with the food here because it always feels like the food is pre made and it’s a matter of assembling it together and the food usually comes lukewarm:/

Dessert item on the menu. This was so good and fluffy, the ice cream complemented the pancakes Super well. Def must try!