$78++ for 7 course set dinner X 2, food sequence served from top left to bottom right. Given for free is the bread stick. We ordered truffle fries too for $5 only, however there is only a faint trace of truffle. 1st dish of the 7 is foie gras creme brulee, tasted more like truffle, would prefer original creme brulee, not bad. 2nd is beef skewer, a bit charred and tasteless. 3rd is beef char siew, this is nice and flavourful, goes well with the vegg. 4th is wagyu patty burger, i dont like patty to begin with thus cant say its not nice. 5th is the sorbet to clean the palate, a bit too sweet to my liking. 6th is wagyu tri tip, yummy! Cooked to medium rare, a bit chewy with the tendons but still nice. 7th is the chocolate raspberry lava cake straight out from oven, excited to look at but is too sweet for my liking. Quite worth it for 1 for 1, but probably wont go again.

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1 for 1 fancy cake. Price of cake apporximately 9.80 per piece. I think its ok only, perhaps i prefer sponge cake instead of mousse cake.

We changed the raw egg yolk to the scramble egg. The scramble egg portion not as generous as previously but the oil, super generous. Overall still taste nice, but the oil can really reduce. Ok for 1 for 1, quite expensive if dont have 1 for 1.

$24 per steak, with burpple was only $12. Worth it after 50% discount. We ordered medium rare, but it was cooked till medium well - well. The meat was quite tough and hard. Potato and salad were yummy (: