Wrapping it up with seaweed and eating it straight.
Uni have eyes .... and stomach for you today.

Interesting stuff was an edible cactus - ice plant and a mildly bitter ice fish. The uni hand roll was a sweetheart and botan ebi was a true belly buddy. 😍🥰

All these small ones are really not as shiok. Will probably have to set up a seafood import company myself!

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Bar food set of a tart jellyfish, babi rendang and bubor chacha was decent.

Expect the same level of hygiene as the rest of the building and Spize - unwashed hands handling money, garbage and the dog.
Still, worth the 10 bucks and a return trip.

🕺🏼Truly gay....... 😂happy I meant.
1️⃣Cape Grim Filet Mignon with an oxtail dumpling and a bone marrow rosti.
2️⃣Wagyu Skirt Steak with a 8/9 marbling and a garlic confit/purée.
3️⃣Golden Gay Time of a honeycomb mated with dark chocolate and a dolce de leche ice cream. ✅The skirt steak was more flavorful and a better choice.

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