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Modsin Cuisine - Asian ingredients blended with Peranakan and Japanese influences. Food was as good as some Michelin 1* restaurants, in an air conditioned food court setting. Truly Singapore - where u can eat in the comfort of your favorite t-shirt, shorts and Japanese slippers. Great for a casual date.
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Novena Square 2 - $98 for a 2 person Omakase. A bottle of Asahi Black was only 6+ - a miracle in Singapore. 3.9/5


Friendly chef, decent food but something wasn’t quite right with the place. Wasn’t terribly impressed cos there were minimal teppanyaki dishes in a teppanyaki restaurant. More of a tourist trap. 3.4/5

I think I rather have my tiramisu the Italian way..... CKT was decent but was $28 ...... 😱😭 3.2/5

The smaller one at the side is Satay Satay, a locally inspired pastry of satay sauce and satay chicken.

Double Boiled Ginseng Soup with Fish Maw, Conpoy and Bamboo Piths.
Still like the Chinese food here - it’s always been good.

That withering look with the chilling phrase of “do I look like I want to eat a burger?” killed all hopes.
Not too bad for a random restaurant choice - the beef for the main dish was way better than the signature binchotan.

Wrapping it up with seaweed and eating it straight.
Uni have eyes .... and stomach for you today.

Interesting stuff was an edible cactus - ice plant and a mildly bitter ice fish. The uni hand roll was a sweetheart and botan ebi was a true belly buddy. 😍🥰

All these small ones are really not as shiok. Will probably have to set up a seafood import company myself!

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