Thick rich slices of sashimi on top of moist sticky sushi rice!

Love the roast duck! Crispy skin and juicy meat.

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It was pretty good but the caramelised onion was a little too sweet, and the it could do with some seasoning!

The stew was good, and the rye bread went perfectly with the soup!

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10.90 and we had a large pot of fish maw soup! Quite generous

The dish is pretty good, very filling for one, as I added all the specials. It was good, with healthier options as well.

The chili crab pasta pictured. Its good and delicious! A nice place with very attentive service, there is 1 for 1 for lunch till end of october and pretty attractive promos every night. Would love to come back again!

The food here is great! Wokhei is awesome, and dishes come pretty fast after ordering. The beer is fresh!