Was there in the morning and so decided to try their brunch menu. The avocado portion is rich and comes with 2 eggs at your choice. Ordered a cup of flat white at $4.50 which is not in their menu. It’s so much nicer than the usual white coffee. Don’t expect friendly service here, not everyone can smile in the morning maybe 😉

# No SVC fee

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Sweet chocolate drink. Give it a try if you are a chocolate lover

Coffee is more acidic which I prefer non acidic instead. Small little place that cater only limited customers. Staff is friendly. Give it a try when you are nearby.

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I’m a coffee person that have some expectations. Flat white here is definitely my standard. It comes in 3 sizes where I choose the large cup (double shots)...

Was there on weekdays during lunch break. It should be one of their peak hour as the tables are almost full. However, foods are served efficiently.
They have limited choices if you are using 1 for 1 promotion, however, the portion for this Duck Leg Confit is surprisingly generous! It comes in 2 pieces whereby most of the restaurants only serve 1.
Foods 7/10
Service 9/10
*price is on the high side

The worst truffle fries I have ever had. Not sure if they used the same oil for other deep fried foods. It taste a bit weird but I cannot tell what’s wrong with it. Unable to finish this dish as we really cannot stand the taste at all.

Matcha Lava set with Raspberry lychee ice cream. Go well with a cup of pomegranate tea. Total price $13.30 (1 for 1 if using Burpple)

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Fresh prawn, nicer than expectation. The spaghetti is on the salt side. Love the portion of the bacon... it’s generous. Don’t mind to come back for more

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Was there using Burpple 1 for 1. Nothing impressed. But the price is ok with promotion. Service is bad. One of the staff shouted at us saying that he is “one man show” today. But we were asking him to help us to clean the table only... don’t see there is a need to throw the temper to us.

Salmon with broccolis, cherry tomatoes, pickled zucchini and pineapple salsa with brown rice as base. Rice was abit hard. Pickled zucchini and pineapple salsa’s tanginess was too overwhelming in this dish. Could not taste the truffle taste as well. Overall 6/10 dish and wouldn’t pay $15 for it. But with burpple 1 for 1 only about $7.70 each. WORTH 👌🏻

They are having 1 for 1 lunch set under Burpple Beyond. Total spent $18.80nett. It’s a bit pricy without the promotion.
The noodle is nice, dumpling also not bad. Their set come with a drink and so I order salted plum goji. Nice 😍.

$14nett. Was there using Burpple Beyond 1 for 1.
This spaghetti look interesting as they added some beans on top. Surprisingly it tastes not bad overall.