I picked this out because of the Ferrero Rocher and Maltesers. Found the dessert too rich.

The avocado, shrimp, rocket spinach go perfectly well with the shoyu wasabi dressing.

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The most delicious tiramisu I've ever tasted. I ignored the cream at first but it should be eaten together with the tiramisu. The sweet cream works perfectly with the bitter taste of the coffee and liqueur.

Thin crispy crust. Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and rocket spinach. Everything on this pizza works together.

Tastes like homemade pasta. The truffle sauce did not disappoint.

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A favorite rice dish. A toss between Philippine beef tapa and adobo on rice.

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A meal by itself. Very filling and tasty.

Garlicky taste. Sausage from the Northern part of Thailand.

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A dish we always order for visitors to try.