shukuu izakaya

oden was v comforting with the warm clear soup filled with natural sweetness and love the unlimited soup refills!

crab gratin with mentaiko is perf for mentaiko lovers - sauce was rich, creamy with slight char, kinda close to genki’s one

fried chicken skin was super crispy and a perf side dish paired with alcohol, chef’s kiss with mayo

lastly, mini tuna don was fresh and pretty tasty with every bite of soya sauce dipped rice grains + crunchy tobiko tho am normally not a huge fan of tuna

tried the hokkien dumpling with salted egg and nyonya dumpling and love how they tasted - glutinous rice cooked to the perfect texture filled with generous fragrant, savoury meat filling. def something delicious and great to share amongst families!!

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dory fish soup - warm, comforting soup with fresh quality and generous portions of fish slices and minced pork used

ginger braised duck - not a common dish that can be found in many establishments and just feels super homely, love the savoury, rich braised soya sauce and suited for even people. who dont like ginger as it isnt very overpowering. tender duck though some pieces are more boney than meaty

rec the place for good quality and generous portion sizes and friendly staffs though the price point is on higher end

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Watermelon yo tea - a refreshing mix of watermelon slushie, green tea, yoghurt and jelly that goes quite well together and has a nice mouthfeel

Mango purple rice - a unique combi, tastes more like dessert rather than a usual drink and a healthier alternative compared to usual bbtea

honestly quite pleasantly surprised by the food here! honey mustard ribs were fall off the bone tender, juicy and flavourful.

new york strip was rather affordable for its quality and cooked to the right requested doneness without being too chalky/dry.

out of the sides we tried, fries was the best - soo crispy and mashed potatoes were creamy with little chunkier bits in the middle which gave depths to the texture and flavour.

overall, though the place is slightly out of the way, will def rec trying the ribs here!