Classic toast which is a very good cure for your sweet tooth. The servers will let you take photos before you call them back in which they will cut the toast for you. The toast inside is sweeter than the "walls" of the castle. At $19.90 (aft GST), it's a bit expensive.

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Finally had this after procrastinating for so long! Reached slightly before 7 and got a table before a long queue appeared. Has the boneless jjimdak (M) for 3 of us. Love how chewy the noodle is! Felt that there wasn't enough noodles. Ordered a plate of mini seafood pancake. Total cost for the 3 of us was about $70. Sightly pricey, but it brought back schooling memories of Korea so, okay!

Working from home means having the flexibility to cook my own lunch, even if it means just rice balls!

For days I feel fat. Lettuce, potato (I love carbs), tomatoes, egg.

Finally tried this place after hearing so much from my friends. Jumped at the chance to have dinner here when I saw NO queue. Woohoo! Chirashi don looks small, and I thought I wouldn't be full cos all the rice were covered by the meat. Boy was I wrong. Would definitely be back here again though it's a bit on the pricey side.

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Roasted chicken and potato salad. Got a bit lazy hence the roasted chicken. Needed some greens so salad is the way to go. Added in boiled potatoes and hard-boiled egg with Japanese roasted sesame dressing.m!

Had brรปlรฉe, salted caramel flavor with the scorched top. Love the sweetness and the crispness of the surface. Alcohol flavor was not as strong. Would definitely be back.

Rather yummy for a $20 meal. Very filling. Love the mash potato; wish that there were more. Salad without dressing was very plain, and the Japanese dressing was rather diluted.


Not much cooking needed. Bought 3kg worth of snow crabs from qoo10 and steamed half of it, while the other half is just plain ol' cold crab legs. One of the best stay-home dinner everrrr.

With 50% off, need I say more? Would prefer the branch at icon village than the arcade!

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Could do with more milk :D but chewy and bouncy. Perfect dessert!

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Can't rave about how good their food are. Ee mian is at $3.50, but huge portion with plenty of ingredients. Taste of home!