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👣🍴Korean army stew hotpot for lunch, and frogleg porridge, stingray and oyster omelette! Loving the night cold wind on the highway too!
✔️ Cravings satisfied
#jalex #food

I FINALLY can cook a proper one without him complaining that I can't cook 😂 yay mission accomplished! #feelingdomestic #goodwifetobe #breakfast #homecooked #jalaineskitchen 😘❤️ happy belated 11th monthsary Bfast which didn't happen last week.

Guys, if you're looking for a healthier option for dinner, why not try this vegetarian stall with a huge variety of food (laksa, burgers, bento meals, old cucumber soup & it comes with drinks)

I'm not a vegetarian but I really the food served here! Best vegetarian food I ever tasted, I promise! ☺️ #greendot #vegetarian #food #foodporn

Our #homecooked valentines day dinner 'cos we hate squeezing with the crowd • mushroom soup with our main - black pepper chicken with German sausage & sautéed mushroom & (failed) Rosti. #vday2014 #jalaineandalexcancook #jalex

My mom's the best cook #homecooked #mommyisthebest

First meal of the day | The BIG breakfast @ The Garden Slug & cheap Gelato Icecream @ Katong V (it's a new mall near i12) 🙆☺️ #newyear2014 #foodporn

冬至 came later this year | actually it's because we are too bored at home so we decided to make some tangyuan (from scratch!) at night ☺️ #stayhomecouple #crazythingswedo #foodporn #tangyuan #homecooked @thealexy

Brunch menu was quite a disappointment but the lemon wings and lemon tarts are pretty good. Looks like their expertise is the lemon series. ☺️ #brunch #cafe

#homecooked #dinner #family I cooked the prawn, marinated and fried the chicken yay ✌️

One of the 7 dishes during coy's Christmas lunch earlier on. The food was really yummy ☺️ may all of us have a great end to 2013. #nofilter #foodporn

I know you guys gonna hate me for posting this but I'm still gonna post anyway! THE NICEST PRAWN 🍤 CHANG FEN AND LIU SHA BAO I'VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE 😝👅 I wanna bring this home!! #hongkong #dimsum #foodporn #travel