First visit. We ordered their normal jjya jang myeon. Really big portion so we can't finish it up. But it is really good. Their kimchi have to be mix with rice to eat if not it will be too sour to be having it alone. Affordable price. Will visit again next time if there's a chance.

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To be honest, the food tastes so so only. There are some burnt sides for both my friend and I. It tastes bitter. My egg Benedict , the egg was too dried , doesn't taste good too. Thus, it is considered as overpriced with this standard for both my friend and I. We've decide not to visit again.

We got some boat noodles in herbs and Tom yam soup. Got their fried tofu and fish cake. It's better to taste the side dishes with their chilli. And for their boat noodles, it's the Tom yam one is better. Of course it's my personal preference too.

Their prata cannot make it. Egg prata no egg taste. Coin prata no sugar taste too. Plain prata, taste a bit overcooked too.. no taste their prata. Only their briyani can be eaten. It smells really nice also.. won't go back there anymore...

The baby Cray fish pasta is quite good. My alio oilo is spicy but not bad. Fries is yummy! 👍🏻 Service is not too bad

Finally get to try out the ice cream! Love the ice cream. It is really good!!! Definitely must try when you are there

The outlet is very clean. The staff are patient. Food came without long wait. Free flow of their rice. My seaweed udon and the onsen egg are nice. And my friend and I love the smell of the unknown product they use to clean the floor too😂

Their food are really good but the price wise is quite expensive. Once in a while visit for special occasions maybe will be okay

Tastes good but quite expensive. Just a bowl of ban mee and a bowl of fish balls cost me $9.20
The fish balls is really good. I ordered ice Milo too which cost $2+. Total up to $10+ for a lunch which is out of my budget. Blame myself for not looking at the price first before ordering but never expect the price of a ban mee to be this expensive.

Ordered the Smoked Duck Alio Oilo, Signature Truffles Fries and their Blue Velvet waffles with Honey and Vanilla , Cookies and Cream flavour ice creams on top. Really enjoyed their food. Will come back to try their burger next time

Dishes shown are:
Star Hash Brown and Sweet Potato Mochi Balls ($12.90)
Shiro and The Lucky Stars Ebi Burger ($24.90)
It Ain't Heavy. It's My Pancakes! ($26.90)
Signature Ice Latte ($11.90)
Waniyama-san Shin Chan Hot Chocolate ($10.90)

Dish not shown:
Relaxing Onsen Pudding Parfait ($22.90)

Total up $105.80 after gst.

Ordered under Let's Pair set. So it's two mains, one side, one dessert and two beverages.

My partner and I enjoyed the food and ambience. Looking forward to their next theme.

This is a nice pasta. I love the mushrooms since I'm a mushroom lover lol! They don't rush you to finish up your meal even if you are eating it really slowly. Not bad, I am willing to visit their outlet again.