Outstanding Tiramisu. Very light and delicious! Priced at $16++

Great environment to just chill and relax. Quiet in the early afternoon. Ordered dapper cold fashioned ($8) and watermelon mint iced tea ($8).

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Had the lunch set ($16) which consisted of one noodle dish, one dumpling dish and one drink. With the burpple app 1 for 1, it was really worth it. Love the Szechuan noodles! They could be spicier though. Dumplings were good too! Drink was slightly sweet for me. Overall good value for money.

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$8.90 for chicken, tempeh, tauhu, veg and rice. Love the chili! It is super spicy and addictive. Goes well with the chicken. They have many branches. Besides the lucky plaza branch, I frequent the Far East Plaza branch too.

This tomato based pizza was covered with pork sausage, bacon and pepperoni!! Blue label named this pizza J-Dog ($32++). Love it! It’s crust has sesame seeds in it and very tasty. This is the first time I finished all my pizza crust!

Had their Otah Puff ($1.80) for a mid afternoon snack. It was very good! The skin was crispy and filling was generous.

Ordered $5 portion. This is super super delicious. Went there around 11.45am and there was a queue already. Waited for around 20 minutes for my food. Lady taking the orders were very efficient as she was already taking the orders of people in the queue. The last time I went around 2.30pm, the wait was only 15 minutes. If you are nearby during the non peak hours, this Char Kway Teow is definitely worth it!

Visited Yan on a Sunday for Brunch. Ordered their Peking Duck (45++), a few other dishes and Dim Sum. Would like to return for brunch but they need to improve on their dim sum. Or maybe I will return to try their other dishes during dinner.

Boruto is a sake and tapas bar and this is one of my favourite tapas that they serve. It is served with Smoked Caviar and Sakura Ebi. The price of this dish is $16.80++. If you do decide to add Uni to the dish, there will be an additional $20++. Love this restaurant. Been back a few times.

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In my Ma La Xiang Guo I had potato vermicelli, quail eggs, beancurd skin and potato slices. The total price was $6 which is very cheap compared to the other places. The “Ma” flavour was there too. Love it!

Tried the Spaghetti Chitarra with Razor Clams, Fennel and Sandro Pepper ($36++) for dinner. I found it too fishy. Preferred their previous menu.

I tried their 15 piece sushi lunch set (Yuki) for $180++. The set came with a soup and dessert. Every piece of sushi was good and this set is extremely value for money. But I feel that the quality of their sushi is not as good as the other Japanese one star sushi places in Singapore. However, if you want to have a large quantity of good sushi at a good price (lunch), Shinji is the place to visit.