Well executed and consistent doneness of the 6 scallops. Marinate was v flavourful and scallops were fresh, I will be back for more!

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Fried fish was crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Broth was unexpectedly rich, would not have expected this at a western restaurant. Comes with a drink choice of coffee/ tea and a dessert choice of ice cream/ pudding

I would recommend and be back for this!! This dish consists of seared Canadian scallops, and capellini pasta. The chuka wakame marinated and elevated with the refreshing umami of truffle oil & yuzu ponzu. The chilled, Al-Dante pasta is sure to enhance your experience and enjoyment of the dish despite this local weather too!!

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Served with seasalt caramel sauce and French vanilla ice cream ($14). This dish is not overwhelmingly sweet as expected/ illustrated, and instead was well balanced dish overall. Marmalade pantry has been famous for their desserts and this dish reflects evidently. Great end to my meal :)

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First time trying this dish here, and had no regrets! Dish was cooked perfectly, fish was well grilled (flavourful and succulent), and skin was not soggy. Served with carrots, fine beans and served with mustard cream sauce which complemented the protein well!

Will always be back for this dish!! Creamy and luscious texture, the amount of truffle is perfect and not too overwhelming too! Would rec for this serving to be shared between 2 as it can be heavy for 1. Probably my fav mac & cheese in sg, def be back for more :)

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these truffle fries are the bomb. would def need to return for these

ordered both haddock and cod fish and chips, $25 each is a tad pricy imo. fries are soggy and quite thick cut (if you’re a thick fries person you’d like it). set does not come with drinks or any tartar sauce (sauce is an additional $1.10)

$7.80. slightly overpriced for the portion (2 small pieces of fats that tasted good but not too generous with quantity).

top up $1 for a brown sugar milk bbt, which was lacking quite a bit of brown sugar taste to it.

first time trying this and was hugely disappointed. for a dish that costs $10.80, I wouldn’t even pay $2 for this. overcooked throughout, will not recommend.

Top: Tagliatelle Verdi (Long, flat, ribbon shaped green pasta) with pesto sauce

Bottom: Gnocchi (elongated potato balls) with pesto sauce. Tasted better gnocchi, if you read my reviews.

$8.2 each.


πŸ• Bottom: O Mamma Mia ($4.2)
Consists of turkey ham, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and mozzarella

πŸ• Top: 5 Terre ($4.2)
The most worth it pizza topping in my opinion. It is simple yet SUPER TASTY. MUST TRY. Consists of Boletus mushrooms, pesto sauce, parmesan, mozzarella & tomatoes