The burger is really yummy! The bun was soft and the patty was well-grilled. Personally, the whole mix with the sauce makes it a yummy burger. The truffle fries tasted more like normal fries to me, but crispy enough. We were there at around 7pm weekday evening so it was no longer hot and there were available seats for us. Would visit again because of Burpple Beyond!! Without it, it is too pricey for me.

Came back here two weeks after my first visit!! Find the bibimbap interesting. Instead of the usual bibimbap that is prepared in a bowl, this is prepared in a container for you to put in the sauce and.... SHAKE IT!! The seared tuna goes well with the Apple Cider sauce. I tried the Omma Sauce and the Apple Cider Gochujang and personally prefer my food spicy, so would pick Omma Sauce the next time round. The kimchi is yummy too, but it ran out on my second visit. A quiet place for lunch too, making it a good place to go for yummy, healthy meals and catch up with your friends in a busy and frantic day.

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It has a refreshing taste and fresh fruits to savour as well :) would like to try their cold brew milk tea too!!

We had the Dumplings Party which comes in 5 flavours: original, vegetables mandu, smoked duck, momo curry and fried pierogi. Each tastes really good - the steamed ones are juicy. The smoked duck is sweet and tender. Momo curry and fried pierogy are on the stronger side, I like the fried pierogy for its crunchy skin with soft potato filling sprinkled with truffle oil and chilli powder. There's mentaiko sauce on it so it's really tasty. Shared this with a girlfriend and it is really filling together with the bowl of noodles and refillable appetiser and tea. With Burpple Beyond, it totaled about $31. Quite a deal for the quality and quantity of food. We were served by friendly waitresses which made the dinner a pleasant experience. Would definitely recommend this place to friends :)

It has more herbs taste than the ones served at NamNam. Really a comfort food especially during a cold weather. As it is located at somerset area, this bowl that cost $6 is definitely a steal. The place is run by a couple who are deaf. It would be nice if you are able to converse in sign language because they are such a friendly couple!!

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Back here for the second time after my climbing session. And having this curry chicken wrap again. It is a savoury dish - crispy wrap filled with curry chicken complete with onion slices and the greens. Served with potato chips by the side. The portion is pretty generous as it sufficiently satisfied a famished person after a workout session. Had this with the white coldbrew. A must-to-have when you are here. It is smooth and mildly sweet. My guess the sweetness comes from the vanilla cream, but please forgive me if I'm wrong.


Pasta came out all right, with generous serving. Scallops and prawns are juicy, but the service outscores the food
. Came here during weekday lunch hour and found it a nice place to have a nice meal and conversation with a friend. We were served by a friendly waitress who always checked to make sure that we were comfortable. After the meal, she asked if we would like to have some hot tea to wash down the sumptuous meal. Am still impressed by her knowledge of the tea selection - she checked if we got the right order by smelling the cover of the teapot. Would come here again for the good service and ambience, also to try out their Carbonara. My friend has been having it (and refusing to try others) ever since she came to this restaurant, lol.

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