($5.50) lotus biscuit sauce with soft marshmallows — the sauce was really good, but the marshmallows were only alright as they had a relatively stiff texture :-/ think the biscuit crumbs toppings might pair better with the sauce, but overall it was really yummy & filling :-)

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($16.50) honestly not incredible, but the portion was generous! would go back only with 1-for-1 & because it’s for a good cause :-)

($36 if i recall, $9/100g & a min. order of 400g) the main star of the entire meal !!! the prawns were incredibly fresh & the sauce was yummy, more sweet than spicy

($18) interesting texture of noodles — personally, i prefer ee-fu noodles from canton paradise

($1 each) a crispy texture on the outside but soft on the inside, very lovely when paired together with chili sauce!

consists of soya chicken, barbecued honey char siew & crispy roast pork belly ($38) — out of the 3, the pork belly was the most outstanding!!! but i don’t think it’s available on its own :-(

generous quantity! however, it came at room temperature — u can ask the staff to help u heat it up if u prefer drinking it warm :-)

($13-15) basically just 烧肉 with rice, the texture is not bad but honestly would give this a miss next time! did not enjoy this as much as the lamb dish

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($15) didn’t have the gamey taste lamb meat typically has, & was very tasty! portion was reasonable for its price, esp. with 1 for 1