This restaurant offers great service, great food and great experience. But most importantly my family, IT OPENS UNTILL 5AM!!! When you are hungry because u watch some mukbang at midnight, this restaurant will be ur saver HAHAHAH.

The price point is around 40 per pax but it is very filling. There are also unlimited side dishes which taste wonderful! And egg around the bbq plate. I recommend marinated pork belly for bbq 🍖 and their fried chicken. Oh and one of the Korean waitress is super friendly and kept helping us with the bbq and refilling side dishes without we even asking!! 🥺 I love this place!

I had this honey pork ribs (~$22) and a baked garlic escargot in a pouring rain night. The cafe is cozy and the food is quite nice. Pork ribs are tender, which you can separate the meat from bone easily, and with great seasoning. Definitely a good restaurant if you are around Toa Payoh 🧚‍♀️

We ate there during the happy hour and had a discount on 2 bottle of beers 🍻(~$20). The food portion looks small but it was actually quite fulfilling. Have to compliment their interiors and decor! It is artistic dark theme and definitely adds to the dining experience. ☺️

Their pork knuckle (~$38) has generous portion and Super tender on the inside and crispy on the outside!! They also provided great variety of authentic side dishes and sauces with the knuckles which I enjoyed a lot ☺️!


The most expensive waffles on the menu is 💰$15. Portion is quite big so one waffle can be shared amount 2 friends hehe. We got the one in the picture and a houjicha soft served waffles. The s’mores on top is so nicely done, we loved it!

It really does not worth going there even with the beyond deals. With the deals it is gonna be $20 per pax. Sides dishes are prepared badly and roughly (a whole garlic! And the garlic tip wasnt even chope off for the slices).

Meats are even worse. Beef are stuck together and even scissors can’t cut it apart haha. Our stoves spoiled half way through the meal, and the black grill paper kept getting onto the meat. It really doesn’t worth 💰20 dollars per pax AFTER 1f1, so save your time and choose another restaurant to eat mate!