Save the trouble and do not come. Absolutely untruthful and dishonest in their listing of the burpple deals.

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After a long walk, finally reached the outlet. It was kinda packed and squeezy on the first floor but when we were led upstairs the ambience was nice.

I really wanted to order the waffles which i saw other customers eating, but on the kiosk machine the option became not available? We were disappointed but ordered something else. We got the Matcha 1 degree gelato (~ $5 to $6 a scoop) which I really enjoyed - did not upset my stomach because it is dairy free! Friendโ€™s matcha latte was too bitter for my liking and hojicha was light and refreshing but just okay to me.

But the worst part is as we were leaving we saw the waitress bring up waffles? Then i asked her and she said it was not available when we wanted to order because the store was too crowded at that time. Hmm I think it is never a pleasant experience to have your customers denied the food they want to eat from the menu and yet see others eat it, with the only reason being that they are less crowded.