Truffle Portobello Mushroom Pizza [$26 | Beyond] Love this! Good to share for 2. Truffle flavour wasn’t as strong as expected but still really yummy! Recommend! 😋

used 1 for 1 pasta beyond
quite liked this pasta and finished it really quickly!! 🤤😋 however, the garlic flavour wasn’t as prominent as I couldn’t really taste it — felt a lil underwhelming.
Also, not sure if its worth $26 without 1for1 🤔

didn’t know what to expect from tomato flavoured wanton mee... but i love it! 😋 enjoyed the noodles & char siew combi!! and also ordered the soup dumplings and they are not bad, reaaally huge pieces 😱
will eat again when i’m craving wanton mee! 😌

jjajangmyeon was really good!! tastes authentic & portion looked big but didn’t feel enough as I wanted more 😩😋
kimchi pancake was okay only.. was abit too thick for my liking! big portion so recommended to share!


kkanpung king - $28.90
combination of spicy & sweet sauce with dipping cream.
enjoyed the sauce & dipping cream combo!! i think the cream is cheese based so thats a plus point. The chicken tenders is good too.
recommended to share because it may get gelat after a while!!

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steak & egg bowl [$14]
purchased with beyond 1 for 1 main
this is my second time eating it but unfortunately wasn’t as good as the previous time because the steak was pretty tough today! the first time eating it was amazing though as the steak was soft.
one part I like about it is the sauce! love it.

also drank iced latte [$5] its pretty good too! :)

NZ RIBEYE STEAK (200G) - $20++
Steak was pretty good and worth for the price! Ordered in medium well, felt like it was still a bit tough. could opt for medium if you prefer your steak not as tough!

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honestly the BEST jjampong in singapore!! they are so so generous with the seafood - mussels, clam, scallop, prawns and octopus. and the soup is really super shiok! my favourite ever 🥰