350 day grain-fed Wagyu Tenderloin Steak at TWG Ion Orchard! Just look at that lush pink centre of the perfectly-grilled medium-done steak slices.

TWG's dishes tend to contain elements of their teas, creating a unique twist on typical 'western' food like wagyu steak and mushroom linguine, which is what sets them apart from other restaurants. Just like this steak accompanied with truffled matcha french fries and salad drizzled with 1837 Green Tea-infused vinaigrette.

Exceptional value for money with Amex Love Dining.

Jade's dim sum brunch allows diners to select any 15 items per table from the extensive menu.

One of the prettiest places to eat dim sum in SG, surrounded by high ceilings, elaborate birds and flowers wallpaper and complete with elegant oriental chandeliers. The chinese orchestra instrumental music playing in the background sets the mood even better.

While the food was undoubtedly good with a luxurious twist to your typical everyday dim sum, ranging from bird's nest broth, baby abalone siew mai to orh nee pau (exterior looks like a dried mushroom), some of the 'starter pokemon' dim sum, such as har kow and siew mai, weren't as good as everyday workhorses like Tim Ho Wan.

But overall, the ambience and food amalgamated to make this a truly enjoyable dim sum fine-dining experience. A tip: When restaurant interior is filled up, the courtyard (i.e., Fullerton hotel lobby) tables are offered. But make sure you dine in the restaurant, not the courtyard! The environment is worlds apart.

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We had the following:

1. "Tonnarelli" (pictured)- Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops in Basil Pesto and Salmon Caviar - The scallops were juicy and fresh. Pesto was tasty but I wish the texture was a bit more consistent; parts of the broth were a tad bit too watery and 'diluted'. And the ikura was a bit hard to bite. Overall still an above average pasta dish but lacks oomph factor.

2. "Capellini"- Angel Hair with Blue Swimmer Crab Meat cooked in Lobster Bisque - this fared better than the Tonnarelli, tasting homely as if whipped up by a matronly nonna (Italian grandma). Generous shreds of crab meat swimming in lobster broth paired with al-dente angel hair pasta makes this the go-to dish for crustacean lovers.

3. "Battuta"- Salad of Bluefin tuna tartare and avocado - was expecting nothing more than overpriced seasoned tuna sashimi topped with avocado and veggies, but surprisingly this dish is more than the sum of its parts, with the fresh, creamy flavour of the chopped raw tuna and finely sliced avocado pairing really well together, and the crisp greens contributing to the final oomph!

Egg fried rice with pork cutlet at King of Fried Rice @ Sengkang Kopitiam Square! For $6.50, you get Din Tai Fung-style wok-fried rice, with fluffy omelette 🍳 gracing plump grains of fragrant pearl rice at every bite 🍚, and a generous slab of tender pork chop 🐷. DTF's fried rice was slightly more evenly incorporated with egg, but KoFR's pork cutlet actually tasted more flavourful than DTF's.

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Overpriced hawker food? Or a masterful, ingenious twist on local cuisine?

15 Stamford by Alvin Leung is a unique restaurant at the glitzy Capitol Kempinski Hotel that showcases a luxurious and artful take on Asian street food with dishes like Pork Prime Rib Bak Kut Teh, Foie Gras Kaya Toast and Laksa 'zhnged' with tiger king prawn and onsen quail eggs.

We had the Beef Short Rib with nyonya pickles and rendang sauce; Kühlbarra Barramundi with buah keluak sauce and Yellowfin Tuna Akami in nori pie tee cups (pictured)

To me, the dishes were reminiscent of familiar hawker food, but at the same time looked and tasted a lot more refined. The quality of the ingredients used and the care that went into preparing them is evident with every bite, and the flavours in each dish complemented one another really well. You almost feel like you're eating into mini works of art- truly an ingenious, masterful and wonderful ode to Asian food.

Combined with the elegant colonial-style dining space, this made for a one-of-a-kind and very enjoyable experience indeed.

The retro-esque all-American interior was a sight to behold with red leather booth seats, checkered black-white mosaic flooring, neon signs, tiled walls, colourful candy jars (filled with real gummies and marshmallows!), and lovely (Asian) waitresses clad in pink classic diner uniforms. We felt like we were transported back to 1970s USA 🇺🇲

We started the meal with a platter of Potato Skins 🥔, six well-endowed oval chunks of golden-fried potato with the skins left on, topped with minced chili beef, sour cream, molten colby cheese and scallions. The potatoes were well-seasoned and crisp, and the toppings were flavourful, with just enough potato and toppings to avoid the taste being overwhelmed by either one.

For mains, I had the Black Angus Beef & Egg Burger 🍔 (pictured) The housemade beef patty was thick, tender and juicy. It would have tasted slightly dry on its own, but the medley of black pepper mushroom sauce, mayonnaise and chilli sauce saved the day, helping to moisten and enhance the flavour of the beef. The bun felt a little plain though, perhaps needing a thicker spread of butter or longer baking time for more crispy insides. But overall, the simple ingredients of the burger came together well to make up a decent classic burger, making for good comfort food that filled me up without being over-indulgent.

My dining companion had the Pork Jowl Burger, comprising pulled pork topped with coleslaw, green apples, arugula and finished with dijon mustard and smoky ketchup. He reported that the pulled pork was very tender, and the sauce too complemented the pork well and did not overwhelm the taste, while the portion was just right.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the undisputed star of the night for the both of us was the gelato. 🍨 The ondeh ondeh gelato didn’t look like much, sporting an unassuming barely green colour with the slightest hint of gula melaka syrup. But hidden beneath this humble facade was a completely on-point, intense ondeh ondeh flavour profile filled with chewy, chunky mochi bits, as if the real ondeh ondeh had been deconstructed and reborn in Broadway’s ice cream tubs. Delish!

Overall decent comfort food with an enchanting environment that offers excellent value for money with Amex Love Dining 50% off for two diners.

The middle aged plump woman hawker has extremely poor attitude. Scolded us for asking a few simple questions like how long will the food take to come. Shouted at us to collect our food and settle the bill. Food was only acceptable, Siew mai and congee not bad but some hits and misses. Overall a TERRIBLE and distasteful experience! This is not the way to treat paying customers!

The matcha soft serve tasted well-balanced, with sufficiently bitter notes of matcha fused with sweet milk. We also tried the white miso soft serve, which had an interesting salty taste bordering on savoury but still within conventional ice cream bounds, not unlike the salty feel of salted caramel ice cream. The latter matched well with kinkako warabi mochi.


Matcha - 7.5/10
White miso - 7.5/10

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