All the different elements in this dish go really well together, especially enjoyed the bits of corn bread/muffin! It adds an interesting texture to the otherwise silky and thick soup.

Love this burger! All the flavours go really well with one another, always get it together with the 3 course lunch menu!

Really hearty dish. The mac and cheese was extraordinary. It was really savoury and had a nice crispy crust.

Meat was rather tender and juicy, I really enjoyed the smear of cauliflower purée. Simple and easy meal!

Loved the japchae the most! The jajamyeon was pretty unique as well but I would skip the kalkuksu if I were to visit again.

Nothing spectacular. Quite pricey after gst and service charge, I think there are many other KBBQ places that would be better to visit.

Love love loved this bowl of ramen! The meat was tender and fell right off the bone. The noodles were firm and the soup was delightful.

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I did not really enjoy both the items I ordered. The oreo cheesecake had a strong lemony flavour to it which did not suit the dessert at all. However, I did enjoy the relaxing ambience at Urban Table. I would return to try the other items on the menu.

Tried the 2 new noodle dishes from the dimsum store at Essen. The noodles had a really great chewy texture that I throughly enjoyed! The gravy for the beef noodles was very fragrant. Would definitely get it again.

My first visit to Plain Vanilla Bakery! I really enjoyed the cupcakes, the earl grey cupcake in particular. However, the chocolate tart was a little too heavy for my liking.

Yakinikutei Ao-Chan is one of my favourite places to get japanese BBQ in Singapore! I really enjoy the thinly sliced ox tongue, soup and purple shiso rice in the Prime Beef course.

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This dish was vegetarian and it tastes very bright and fresh! The portobello mushroom was juicy, I enjoyed the added texture that the pumpkin seeds gave to the dish.